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Hey there! Welcome to the Teacherpreneur Support Network! @Michael Landry , @Leonardo Gomes and I are excited to have you here. Over the past half decade, we’ve surveyed thousands of teachers from around the world, and there are two things they are passionate about: finding news ways to improve their teaching and having a steady income. These combined play a major role in teacher wellbeing, and the main goal of this community is to help you develop in both of these areas. To kick things off, Step 1: Make your first post HERE by using the template below: Let everyone know: 1. Your name 2. Why you joined this community 3. Are you focused on developing your teaching skills, improving your income, or both? 4. Your idea for a teaching business or new product 5. Your goal for the next 30 days 6. What you're looking for help with in this community. Step 2: Learn how to get unstuck & set up your foundations - start with Module 1 here. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The goal of this network is to help YOU and other aspiring teacherpreneurs feel confident in setting up their teaching businesses the right way. Watch the video below, answer the poll, and introduce yourself as an orientation to the platform and this community. The community here will be what we all make it. Let's not consume passively but rather contribute actively, build accountability, and help each other along the way. Some ways to do this: - make useful posts consistently - share tips that have worked for you - ask good questions - offer advice to those you believe you can help One thing is for sure: everyone here wants to see YOU succeed.
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@Michael Toczek what niches have u been currently teaching? I read something some days ago which says that people won’t buy what they need, but they will rather buy what they wanna buy. So, I think that this is really interesting because it has been kind of a shift in Marketing nowadays. Sometimes people don’t even know what they need, so it is a good strategy to make them “want” what you offer.
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Hi Michael, you have nice niches over there! I also teach kids who need remedial work for school! And to be honest, this is a challenging but rewarding specialty. Sometimes, these kids schools offer Cambridge exams here in Brazil, and they apply the mock exams as part of these stds grades. Something that I do, is prepare them for the exams, so much that, their grades improve at school. Do u face the same there?
Hello. My name is Paul Jacobs. I live in Okinawa, Japan. I work as a freelance consultant in the field of language learning. I specifically work as a researcher for an Institute here in Japan that provides research based ideas to the general public in the target language (Japanese). I also work teaching young children (preschool to primary school age children) English with a special emphasis on helping children with learning difficulties. I have been working in this field for about 11 years. I joined this community because I want to grow my business specifically teaching children with specific learning difficulties, but I know I will hit a wall if I have to go to more schools myself. I want to find a way to help these children but not over book myself. I am not completly sure what my goals should be for the next 30 days, but my first step was to join a community and actually get started on this journey so here I am.
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Okinawa is a blue zone Paul! Isn’t it?
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OMG 😱 I wish one day I get to know the place! I teach the blue zones to my students … I am sad to hear it is changing … hope it doesn’t! Thanks for your reply! Have a great day. ☺️
Hi everyone!
I am a bit late with my introduction! My name is Camila, I am an entrepreneur from Brazil who has been juggling with her teaching businesses for quite some time already! 😂 Always glad to be part of a community managed by Andrew, Leo and Mike, love u guys! (Brazilian warmth can’t be hidden nor disguised!) 🤣 Hope I can help and share whatever is important to the community … ❤️
Andrew Woodbury
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Thanks for everything Andrew! For all the usual support! :) 🥰 will certainly share ideas here! 😊
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I teach English to executives and adolescents. I love learning, I am always eager to learn new things and teach them to my students!
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