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Breathwork Revolutionaries! ✊ Want to come train with me in Bali!? Just posted this on my socials last Friday. Sharing here as well for anyone who may have missed it 🔥 ----- Listen up, folks! Life’s too fu**ing short for settling, for playing it safe, for enduring some bullshit 9-5 you can’t stand. It’s time to break free! 🔥 We’re launching a giveaway that’s all about taking conscious, and inspired action in the direction of your dreams.We’re throwing out a full access VIP pass to our 7-day Breath Coach Certification retreat in Bali and a full scholarship to our signature 10-week online certification program.This isn’t just any program, it’s a $12K gateway drug (no substances needed) to your dream life. 🎁💸 Breathwork? It’s not just a practice, it’s a fu**ing revolution, and Breath Masters is leading the charge.We need the next generation of spiritual warriors, of dream-chasers, of FU** big pharma renegades, to help us take this medicine to the next level 🚀 If you’re looking for impact, for passion, for a life lived loud and free, then this is it. This is your shot. So, what the hell are you waiting for? The time to step up is now! Click the link in my bio to join the revolution.Let’s get it! It’s time to rise! 🚀



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    applied and ready! blessed to be here, I am already signed up for the 10 week course in June, Bali is going to be amazing! I will be there regardless of the outcome of this giveaway at some point. I am here to always pay it forward and share this medicine with as many people as possible. Me and my best friend who is also taking the course....Facilitated a breath work session last night at our local jiu jitsu gym and the transformation was unbelievable! This is my passion and will be my full time life here in the near future. #blessed #breathmasters

So excited to be here!! I am a freediver and breath has become something huge in my life, can't wait to learn all about it and connect with you all 💙 any other freedivers around here?



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    Very cool! I lived in Maui for 7 years and did a lot of scuba diving and free diving! breath is everything.

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    @Rym Marsit awesome my friend! that is a great time

Hello Family! My name is Calvin, I am Located in Oregon USA, My passions are Hiking, riding motorcycles, scuba diving, rock climbing and anything that has to do with being out in nature. I am taking this Certification class because I have a burning desire to travel and help change the lives of people thru breath work. It has changed my life over the past 5 years, my outlook on life and I want to dive in 100% and do everything required to becoming a breath master. Thank you all for having me, feel free to reach out! I would love to get to know you all and participate in anyway I can.



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    @Dani Trewhela what part of oregon? I am in Southern oregon. I have so many amazing hiking areas around here. I love Pilot Rock, Tokatee falls, Lost Falls.

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    @Amber Fleming-Shon hello you are close! I am in central point

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I am a active breath practitioner and cold water lover. I love hiking and being out in nature and have a burning desire to be a certified breath coach

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