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Oh Yeah?.... youre a bitchass.
Deep thoughts pending.... FUCK!!!!!!!!
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@Tara Kim aww jeez, Brittany loves you to!!!! And apparently the "Stop being a little bitch" bit is working (for now). I actually cleaned up my house. 😲 I'm also gonna do laundry today and PUT IT THE FUCK AWAY!!!!!!
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@Tara Kim abso-fuckin-lutely!!! They'll never see it coming!!!!
Day 20 Rooted in the calm
Loved today's meditation, short but powerful. Left me with a feeling of calm, joy, and peace. Will have to do this one again when the weather is nicer and I can actually ground with the earth and feel the warmth upon my skin.
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@Tara Kim long as you don't mind mutual nekkidness I'm for it!!😂🦩
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@Tara Kim 😂
Dickhead, Fuckstick Manager?
Do you have, did you have, or are you a Dickhead or Fuckstick manager? Well, Fuck it! Settle those ass cheeks, your asshole in your car, not in front of your manager, and please take this poll! I don't have one now, but I did 5 years ago for 6 weeks interim! Sorry if you have a Dickhead, Fuckstick manager! And, I should have other options, as note: dicks, but not fishsticks; vags, not fishsticks; dicks and vags, but not fishsticks, etc, etc.. This is not mean to be in inclusive survey at all. I just was playing with the Dickhead and Fuckstick. Peace and love! Hope you can release some of those manager fucks!
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@Jill Hildebrandt reading that I think it came out differently than intended 😂 I should specify quality over quantity. The more GOOD dick (singular) the merrier? I dunno man, just need a good scrogging 🤣😂🤣
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@Jill Hildebrandt
Healing Jilly is Imperial Rhodonite...Pretty in Fucking Pink!
Imperial Rhodofuckingwhat, Jill? Yeah, didn't know what it was either, until I looked it up just recently. See, I have been seeing a gorgeous fucking pink color in my recent meditations and couldn't figure out why: as pink is not a color I gravitate towards. @Bryan Holub and @Eric Rodriguez and this entire community: I am no going to lie. Unhealed Jillybean would have shriveled up into a fucking puddle and been able to move, after what happened recently. I would have taken it personally, I would have not said a fucking word, and I would have stopped posting on here. But, I went, wait: As Yogi B says, I can't control others, BUTTTTTT I can control me. I did nothing wrong. I am going to speak up in a respectful way to that person, to this community and let others know it's not okay to hurt others. I had a community I was a part of for a whole fucking year, twice a week, that let me down 3 weeks ago when someone decided to interrupt my turn and lambast me for what I was saying, telling me I needed to let go of my anger, let go of this person, and they kept saying, "I'm sorry for interrupting Jill, but..." and kept going and going. I fell silent. My whole body went numb. I was rendered speechless and frozen and I felt like dying. I wanted to die in that moment. It was humiliating and painful and not one fucking person in my group spoke up. I ended up leaving the group early, and even someone very close to me, my fucking sponsor, texted me only, "Are we still meeting," as we were going to meet after that meeting for our 1-1. No, "Hey, are you okay? I'm checking in." Not one fucking person checked in on me, and it killed my soul. Then, this challenge came up and this community started and I felt, for the first time, myself: I could swear like the profane princess I am, and share my stories, and love on everyone in the 1988 cheerleading captain way I have done my whole life, because that is the person I am, and you all accepted me as is: no one silenced me, no one asked me to be someone different, no one made fun of me, no one said I was weird or a psycho or unhinged or mental.
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@Jill Hildebrandt 🤪
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@Jill Hildebrandt
Taking the wins…
I had a therapist tell me once,” shut up and take the complement”. So I’ve actually had that so.. practice makes perfect. 1) I blew out of level 5 to 6 two days ago, and said nada… 2) it is my Birthday, I hate them… but I’ve repurposed it. No blatant self promo here but I do have a fb personal profile…wink. 3) my discipline, practice, vision and results are all moving forward as desired. It’s proportoinally your win for supporting this tribe and me. Your successes are fuel. Thank you. This freaking leaderboard and points shit? I don’t get it… lo. Just do.
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I'm late but fuck it... Happy fucking birthday m'dude and congrats on your level sixness!! Now on to a small piece of froofy shit: I'm proud of you for celebrating your wins, that shit can be really fucking hard. You're totally worth celebrating though and don't you fucking forget it! Or else!!
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