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My story and motivation
Q: Hello Carl will check your book out, but just curious to know your story and motivation behind the book. Would love to collaborate. A: My story and motivation? As I child, (my story about that story!) is that I recall the world not making much sense: angry and sad adults, which fermented into a sense that "there's must be more to life than this" in my teenage years, where I began a wholesale rejection of my 'inheritance' in the broadest sense of the word. This was a very normal and rebellious reaction, but of course self-injurious, throwing out the baby with the bathwater of my life. Typical periods of anxiety and depression were never far away, which kept me triggered and stimulated to find a 'better' way, which revealed itself in psychology, spirituality and causing chaos in my life and the lives of others. It has taken nearly 60 years to find an even keel, where I can clearly see that that small boy was onto something that he could not understand or get any obvous guidance on. It seems we are in a global dark age (certainly in the culture I grew up in) where people's expectations are SO LOW when it comes to intrinsic and sustainable happiness or JOY. I will talk with anyone who is interested in transcending this awful situation where the obvious love in life is obscured by just about every endeavour of worldly life! Being truly happy in this world, as it is, is truly a revolutionary act (-:
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Your last statement, Carl, is sad but true. We find that peace, joy and happiness are magnets to the people around us. May we always live that way!
Keeping to the path of Joy (isn't easy)
We appear to live in times of epidemic unhappiness. Whilst, to me at least, it would appear our birthright is joy, the world of man seems to have darkened so much that misery has been normalised as an unavoidable and regular predicament. Worse still, relief from that inevitable state is the return to some sort of happy functionality through means beyond one's own assets and capabilities. In our so-called civilised world we 'get' happiness through consumer processes, like just about everything else in this world, and not through innate or natural understanding and wisdom. I am losing, may have lost completely, two close members of my family to this darkness. Their drift and disappearance, whilst tragic to my personal desires, is not unremarkable in the daily, global scheme of things. In fact, it is diagnosed and medicated, in quite the routine way, that no doubt many succumb to, as others look on - helpless and resigned. I resent this state of affairs, though of course must not have it pulling me in that same dismal direction or fate. Only each of us alone, can keep on the straight and narrow of life's natural and grace-given delight. In this world, those drowning in darkness will pull you under too ... if you don't protect yourself from their unconscious strength, which is calling for help yet will think nothing of taking your air, right down to the last of your gasps. Where THEY are, they know not what they do, and basic survival instincts will be the order of their day. We can't blame or hate them for this, whilst enduring an unbearable poignancy. We all walk this path alone in the sense that only I can truly put my one foot in front of the other, in this individualised, worldly experience. Some will walk alone into the dark to each side, despite our warnings, often innocently or encouraged by the already darkened. Once lost, some will never return toward the calls of those still on the lit path. What does it take to stay on this path and not, oneself, wander into the darkness - imagining that, by no longer being able to see, (or be seen), one might be a vision to others?
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I understand the dilemma, Carl. What keeps me going is a growing awareness that I create my reality by what I think and do. What really is โ€œnow?โ€ My focus is to continue bringing information and awareness into my life relating to the question, โ€œWhat else is possible?โ€ I have experienced money appearing in my bank account from family when a need was expressed to the Universe by thought, but nothing was said to the family. I have experienced changing a time line relating to an injury from a fall - and not falling in such a severe way to cause very serious injury. I am becoming more and more aware that I am my only limiting factor. I believe each of us has these capabilities. The more the collective consciousness focuses on what can be vs. what appears as what is, the greater opportunity we have to shift what is into what can be. I believe peace is possible. Internally. Corporately. Globally. Last night I listened to Gregg Braden and he shared a fascinating statistic. For perspective: โ€œโ€ฆone individual with a clear quantum outcome embodied in their awareness, in their consciousness, offsets 7 million fear-based visions of our future.โ€ (Minute 14:12 of YouTube Gregg Braden - War, Peace and the Prophecies. Aired yesterday, 04/012024) Now THAT is encouraging! Blessings to you and all!
What โ€œconspiracy theoriesโ€ are being proven true? Where are we in the grand scheme of things. What is the grand scheme of things. Jason Shurka has some thoughts. This YouTube program lays a lot of them out. Is any of this new news to you?
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