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Second day off dream.
Had some very weird dreams last night. They had been getting better in that violence or gore but last night they swooped back. It was my second night of being off. Glad today was a on day canes I was a little freaked out this morning and I felt odd. Then I felt better after my getting my on day. I really feel I’m close and I really can’t go out in public so I don’t. Been working on this for years. Hoping this is a answer. I have noticed the feeling a lot calmer. Keeping the faith.
Robert Brown
Amanda May-Fitzgerald
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One on, Two off.
As I stated before early on my voyage and have stuck to the program. At this rate you get three a week and being I’m only on my third week so I’m six or seven on days. So I am still having problems on the second day off or second night I should say. Pushing on and keeping the faith.
Brian Chaplin
Nick Carey
Kari Lynch
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The thing is... jail sucks! If I could get around that, well...
Brian Chaplin
Michael Murphy
Billy Fuston
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I don’t feel it’s fear of the system who nothing toward my health. I have real fear about not getting better. I’ve been into it with doctor about their shitty drugs that nearly caused me to commit self harm. They tried to put me back on them and I walked out. They are all mad at me. I told them I would rather die than take them. Told him he pedaled bad dope. Lol He did say yeah I could very well die. So I took charge.
A few quotes for YOU ALL on this miraculous Friday
🍄 "Life is not what happens to you it’s about all the thoughts you have about it. It’s not the feelings you experience, it’s what you think about those feelings and how you argue with them."-BMC 🍄 “When you work for the universe, you are never unemployed”-Micheal Beckwith 🍄 “Consciousness and the human psyche are much more than accidental products of the physiological processes in the brain; they are reflections of the cosmic intelligence that permeates all of creation.”-Stanislav Grof 🍄 “The world is not here to make you happy, it's here to make you conscious.”-Eckhart Tolle What are some of your favorite quotes to share? ALL are welcomed! 🌟 🌟 🌟 I wish everyone an amazing weekend of abundance, gratitude and most important of ALL...... FUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! B 🦅
Susan Ragsdale
Joseph Madeline
Billy Fuston
Kevin Eikov
Angie Sue Arnold
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I wrote this when mid battle with my Demons. I hope you guys don’t think I’m crazy. “My Demons are my Demons and my Demons alone. I must fight them alone because that’s when they come. In that instant I’ve always defeated them and they flee. Then in a flash they return and the battle continues. I keep the faith because I will always defeat them because after all I created them.”
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@TLRanger Rugg Rodger that had em do that too.
First order
Alright ready to start my program. Very cool how they find what really works and enlightening others to the path. Nature is the best medicine. Glad to of stumbled across you all.
Brian Chaplin
Billy Fuston
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@Brian Chaplin Thanks Brian I’m ready.
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Retired and getting it done self help is needed now.
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