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Yorkshire Marathon
Hi all, my name is David Maddison and on Sunday 15th of October at the age of 64 I ran a lifetime PR in the York marathon in the UK 🇬🇧. My time was 3:43:50 which qualifies me for the Boston marathon as a “good for age runner”. This was only possible due to following the training plan set out by Marlies and Baz. They showed me that by adding in intervals, spinning, gym session and core work together with removing the old school super long runs and replacing these with 9 mile runs that I would be fresh on race day and significantly improve my time. They also showed me how to run at MHR to get the very best efficiency during the marathon. Both Marlies and Baz are Brilliant coaches and if you follow the plan I can assure you it works. Boston here I come 🎉🎈🎊👍😂
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Let’s go! Congrats on a great time!
Sydney Marathon
Thank you thank you thank you! Your wonderful program got me strong through the Sydney marathon on a terribly hot day. I felt wonderful until the end, not that it wasn't hard, but there was not one second that I didn't want to run. And I got a 22 minute PB too!
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That’s amazing!! Tough times don’t last but tough people do! Keep up the good work
I did it!
Two years of training with Marlies and Baz, one year of triathlon training and I just completed my first full distance Ironman in epic Barcelona! Was a once in a life time experience and maybe the best day of my life. These two are fantastic trainers and I went into this feeling prepared and ready for whatever the day would bring. It’s amazing feeling knowing what the body can accomplish but I’m not finished yet. There are so many more bright opportunities on the horizon…. Let’s go!
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I finished!
I completed my first 70.3 Ironman race in Michigan last weekend. It was incredible. The swim was super cold (60 degrees F). My feet were completely numb but I knew I needed to keep swimming and get out of the water so I kept going. I realized later in the day I had chaffing on my neck from the wetsuit, don't make the same mistake I did. Speaking of mistakes, when I got to my bike I realized my bike gloves were inside out from my last ride. Oops! I had a great ride once I got going. I took my time figuring out my pace and HR. There were a few big hills and the biggest one was at mile 54 so I knew I needed some energy for that. I was so glad to be done with the bike. I took my time going through transition to get ready for the run. I started running or jogging very slow. My legs felt pretty good. My plan was to walk a minute every mile and walk 30 seconds every half mile. It worked perfectly! I felt good through the whole run. My goal for this race was to enjoy the experience and have a good time. That is exactly what I did!
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way to go!
2023 Nike Melbourne Marathon
Hi 9 Milers, greetings from Australia. Completed my 3rd Marathon yesterday and 3rd time lucky. Finally broke my 4 hour goal. All my traditional runner friends thought I had no way near enough miles in the legs and thought I was crazy rocking up to the start line completely fasted. But the recipe worked again and I finished strong. Well the last 8km was very hard work to be honest but ran through to the finish and kept below my MHR the entire Run.
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Congrats!!! That’s awesome and forget the noise of what people say! This program works and is awesome!
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