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Creativity and AI research
Hi All, today during the community call, I was asked to share an article I just published about AI and creativity. Here is the link for it: Here are some relevant points for us: 1. AI can't help with problem definition; human skill is required for that 2. AI helps a lot with brainstorming but should be done after the human(s) do it on their own just to fill gaps. Some reasons are that it could limit creative thinking, cause fixation of the mind, and limit scope of human responses. 3. AI can't evaluate solutions, that requires human skill. Conclusion: It's a great tool when used correctly, and it can be limiting when relied upon.
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hello, sorry been away for a while.. There is a Lab her in my university which is researching this. I think they have a couple papers coming out soon, If they do i will let you know.
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@Sabrina Habib send you message in LinkedIn
Lego Serious Play
Good Morning Workshoppers, is anyone of you using Lego Serious Play as a facilitation method? I‘m currently wondering if I should imvest in a 2-days certification course for LSP. Do you think it can be an invest that pays off for me as a Self-employed Consultant and facilitator? Thank you and have a nice day - Chris
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Hi, so my 2 cents are... why do you need to go through an expensive training when it's open sourced?
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@David Newman oh I completely agree, but I have also seen a ton of people who go through a certification and horrible facilitator, What I think is needed is experience and actually facilitating events. The facilitator also need to know what his objectives are and how to approach them. Having a certification does not equal to being a good facilitator. Is what I'm trying to get to
User Persona/Experience Design
Hello everyone! In addition to the Design Thinking User Persona 'Empathy Map' exercise, what other exercises have you used/can you recommend to define a full E2E UX journey? Context: I am running a workshop for a client within the retail/luxe sector who is undergoing a global HR Transformation and implementing new ai technologies into their current HR Talent stack. Previous workshops (4! 😯) that they have conducted miss both the 'entry point' for each user persona and lack the 'feeling/empathy/engagement' aspect. Personas are within HR, Business, Employee & Candidates Any recommendations or ideas on how to approach this are appreciated! 😁
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Have you read this paper: Personas and user-centered design: How can personas benefit product design processes? by Tomasz Miaskiewicz
Looking for some help from Design Thinking facilitators
Hello everyone, As I said in one of my previous post. I'm currently doing my Ph.D., focused on Design thinking workshops. For this, I need to Interview DT facilitators. To make my research of value and to collaborate my own journey with it. If anyone would like to help me out, it would be a 1 hr zoom interview, in which I would tell you a little about my research and then would interview you to understand your own experience of facilitating. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding this, you can either send me a PM or just let me know below, and I can contact you. Thankyou so much!
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@Marc Fein Hi Marc will send you a DM
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@Aru Gurung Thanks I will send you a DM,
⚠️ Don’t Miss Out: Chats with Nathy Ravez – Learn All About Becoming a Facilitator! ⚠️
Hey Facilitators! 👋 We’ve got something super exciting lined up for you! We’re hosting a live Q&A session with the fantastic @Nathy Ravez, who is not only a workshop facilitator and collaboration coach, but also a podcast host! Nathy’s life took a 180-degree turn when she chose to dive into the world of facilitation. She’s going to share her roller-coaster journey with us, and trust us, it’s a story you don’t want to miss! 👉 So, here’s the plan: 📅 When? Wednesday, May 24th at 12pm CEST. 🗺️ Where? LIVE on Zoom: This is a golden opportunity to glean insights, ask questions, and see how you can chart a similar course. Will I see you there?
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Missed it because of time difference, but will catch up with the recording. :) Thanks.
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