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Get Your Certification - Plus 3 Live Interventions FREE
Warning Don’t Miss Out on This! I want to do something to help you fast-track your certifications keep you motivated and help you grow yourself and your ability to grow your coaching business This can be completed in less than 20 minutes per day. . . The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring have contacted us to say they will be closed between 18 Dec and 7 Jan for certification approval. . . This means we have 5 weeks to get you through and certified if you complete everything before 18th December If you do that as a BONUS I am going to give you 3 Live Strategic Interventions I have recorded from my annual transformation retreat in Bali. These are deep-dive live sessions which people loved watching. You can learn so much from watching coaching live. It will blow your mind. . . Clients paid $5,000 to come to the retreat. All you have to do is complete the Expert Coach Certification requirements and you will get them for FREE . . Here is what you have to do: - 1. Complete all modules of the Expert Coach Program (Less than 20 mins per day) - 2. Email us your tasking - 3. Email us a recording of one of your coaching sessions for us to review - 4. Complete the Coaching -Assessment document of that coaching session  Who's up for it? Let me know
Terri Wilson
Lakesha Cole
Rachel Aponte
Nikki Meyer
Sue Cullen
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@Ed JC Smith Hi Ed, I currently on 'How To Break Lack Of Action' of Section 3. I'm competing a section a day (with all the notes!). My sticking point is that I have no clients and zippo experience of giving a session having come from graphic design. It's a little overwhelming with all the notes I have made, where to begin or how to start a session with client! So, yes I will complete the course and I want the certification, but can't pin a date with all other commitments. ;)
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Yes thanks @Dave Mutter I think a that is my best option. :)
Live Expert Coach Session You Coming?
This Tuesday -5pm GMT I am doing a live session answering your questions. Plus I will be doing a live Demo of the Expert Coach Breakthrough coaching sessions What personal limitations would you like me to coach you on? - Lack of personal belief? - Money earning? - Procrastination? - Overwhelm? - Anxiety? - Productivity? - Fear of not being good enough? Comment " lets gooo" if you want the link and I ll send it to you Ps Remember You have 5 weeks to get your certification before Dec 18th All you have to do is - Complete the Expert Coach Modules - (Less than 20 mins a day) - Record and evaluate a coaching session - Send in your coaching evaluation so we can asses it - Complete the Feedback form send it into us
Ashley Green
Sarah Clayton
Maryna Rosen
Terrance Waddell
Karen Christine Sengupta
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Ooh yeah! ;)
Tiny Favour: If You Are Enjoying The Expert Coach?
Hi team I am blown away with how much you all are crushing It it's going to be such an amazing community. I get tons of lovely messages from you and it warms my heart. Thank you all for being here. I appreciate you xxx. Could you do me a tiny favour If you are getting lots of value from being here and you love the Expert Coach Program I know 50% won't do this and that's ok However, I would really appreciate it if you just took a little time to do this. Because it means as we grow as a community I give back to you more I can arrange cooler stuff like live in-person events, add fun bonuses etc It does really help. So if you can Could you write a short testimonial underneath this post Won't take you more than a couple of mins To encourage new people to join us? -Why do you love the Expert Coach Community? -What do you think of the Expert Coach Program? -Why should someone join? Or whatever you want to say Thank you so much I do really appreciate all of you here growing this together Big love Ed
Tracey MacLean
Emmanuel King
Zofia D
Tom Brooks
Tanya Brunello
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I'll second that! ;)
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You won't regret it, it's a Fab course with lots of visuals which I always find consolidates things for me! :)
Hello I'm new and I'm just getting started
Lawyer Wells
Muhammad Bulama
Ben R
Barry Davies
Fady Milad
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Welcome aboard!. This is a fabulous community and I say that from a novice stand point! Enjoy your ride :)
Hi everyone, I am historically a graphic designer with a print design background and am seeking a brand new venture! Currently going through a 30 day process with Tony Robbins! (not in person;).
Sandra Giudicelli
Oscar Rodriguez
Barry Davies
Simone Racaku
Antony Abel
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Thank you.
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Thank you.
Transformational deep listening...
That was hands down a flippin' great session... loved it. Thanks Ed! ;)
3. Transformational Coaching Tools
Level 3 — Y-a-y its open... onward and upward! ;)
Kent Brown
Lawyer Wells
Barry Davies
Søren Stausholm
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Hey thanks! :)
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Thanks that's great to know :)
Live Expert Coach Session? Wanna Come
Yo Team Expert Coach I love how you are all tearing this up I hope you are enjoying the program. I get a lot of direct questions here it's getting very hard for me to reply to them all because we are growing :-) Would you like me to run a live session over Zoom for FREE for you all? We can cover - Answer any questions you have live - Live coaching session demonstration of any of the techniques What do you think? Yes
85 members have voted
Guerda Pierre
Adam Gersbach
Barry Davies
Robert Edmundson
Dahlia Dahlia
New comment 23d ago
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Thank you. Crikey where do I begin! This is a brand new arena for me, so I'll go and be grateful with anything!
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How To Add An Extra 10-100k Per Month
Just watched the 'How To Add An Extra 10-100k Per Month' webinar super informative. Great energy.
Hanna Sahlman
Barry Davies
Ed JC Smith
New comment 29d ago
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I was sent a video link.
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As ever filled to the brim!
The Purpose of coaching
Wow – Really enjoyed this section, full of great takeaways... but finishing on "I take responsibility for everything in my life" is a masterclass! Gratitude ;)
Silva Silva
Adam Gersbach
Brenda Roberts
Lombard Steyn
Barry Davies
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Still taking responsibility for everything in my life! :)
Replay From Tonights Live Coaching Session
I loved having so many of you on You were awesome ❤️❤️❤️ We covered -Picking niches -What niches are best -Getting clear on your client's problems -Getting clients and a whole lot more Here is the link As always thank you for so much for all you do We are growing nicely If you do know some friends who would like help in this area Please send them this link so they can benefit See you soon Next session I am doing live demonstrations of specific techniques let me know if you would like me to do a session with you No matter what happens Never give up on your dreams Big Love Ed xxx
Tracey MacLean
Tom Kovacs
Terri Wilson
Hanna Sahlman
Barry Davies
New comment Oct 30
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Wow just watched on the replay! That was excellent Ed huge thanks. Still looking for my first client! I am still transitioning in my head from designer to coach, it's a mad journey ;)
Pillar No1 diagnosis...
Thanks Ed that was fab. Heck there was a tonne of information in that – 6 sides of A4 to be precise! I may be gone for a while ;) off to digest and find clients!
Completing the journal –
Hi everyone, just about to get into the 'Coaching Fears Busted Fast' where do I find the Journal referred to. In order to answer the questions? Thanks in advance! ;)
Marie Sheehan
Martin Luxton
Jerome Forman
Barry Davies
New comment Oct 3
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Thanks... have begun my journey!
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Many thanks, let the note taking begin!
This is for the Warriors!
In the world of coaching and consulting, it's not a path for the timid; it's a calling for the Warriors! It's for you who've put in the hard yards, willing to share the battles you've suffered loss. It's for those who've faced adversity and still found the strength to conquer. This coaching journey isn't solely about personal success; it's about the value you carry on your scared back from the depths of despair, from the gates of hell, from sleepless nights and spousal fights. It's for you who've weathered storms of self-doubt and self-sabotage, standing tall on the hilltops you’ve climbed. For you still on the run, I want to encourage you and let you know, the grass is indeed greener on this side! Quote: ME!
Barry Davies
Jerome Forman
Andrew Buss
New comment Sep 18
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Warriors rise! ;)
I finally landed in what I offer. Have you landed yet?
About an hour ago, I finally got the last piece of the pussel with regards of what my offer is and how to present it. It has almost been there for but not fully. Feeling happy! Are you clear on what you have to offer? I would love to know!
Ed JC Smith
Hanna Sahlman
Ashley Howitt
Isabelle Kirsch
Lucia Santa-Maria
New comment Sep 15
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Wonderful to get a breakthrough!
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