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FINALLY HERE: Gamified Rewards Environment
We humans are fueled by incentive and reward. Do something good, feel good about it, rinse and repeat. This is how we’ll sculpt your nervous system so your thoughts and feelings become a source of strength and internal inspiration rather than a source of self-sabotage and suffering. Basically this: the more you put into this group the more you’ll get out. I’ve designed this ecosystem to reward you for doing the things you know you want to do. The more you do the practices, the more you engage in a positive manner, the more you show up, the more you will get rewarded. In this way we create a positive feedback loop which spirals you upwards to the place you want to be. The other awesome thing? If you’re short of cash but you’re playing full out, you’ll be able to earn the points to access the full 9D Breathwork Community. If that’s not your jam and you just want access to my Premium stuff right away (cos there’s no time to waste and you’re on a fu**in' mission) - then go right ahead, click this link and follow the steps. Either way, we’re going to get you where you want to go. Enjoy the journey my friend. My team and I plus this community of game changers will be right there with you every step of the way. Brian
Noah Long
Mona Bitar
Cristobal Dagnino
Jacky Roberts
Jerri Heaton
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@Mathias Wolters I didn’t know there was a level up site. Now it makes sense. Thank you.
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@Mike Swaney there's another group breath masters community, a paid group I believe, the premium stuff is there 💜
START HERE: Welcome to The Breathwork Revolution!
Welcome to the breathwork revolution my friend! The tools, the technology and the tribe in this community have the power to change your world. And when you change Your world, everyone around you benefits. We’re here to transform, to grow, and to create a better life for ourselves and for others, so in that spirit there’s two simple things I want you to do: 1. Drop a post and introduce yourself. Where are you from? What are your passions? And most importantly - what kind of life do you want to create? 2. Like, comment and support at least 3 other people in this community. We’re doing this together, which means showing up together.  Stay tuned and watch this space! Good things are coming. Life is a mental game guys! Once you are leveled up on the mental side you can kiss goodbye the cycles of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. This is where you get to become the designer of your own life. Master of your destiny. Get ready.
Noah Long
Mona Bitar
Marie-Christine Schaller
Dene Moodley
Yvonne Bignall
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there's so many new people joining, welcome everyone💕
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@Mouna Boughanmi welcome
Where is everyone based?
I'm curious where everyone is based in the world? I'm in Israel and was wondering if there are others from previous cohorts who are also here? I'd also love to know how people are bringing this work into their practices? Individual sessions, group sessions, online, face to face? I found myself getting overwhelmed at the possibilities and we aren't even there yet 😂
Michelle Voytko
Joyce Harris
Sandra Costa
Brenda Mundt
Joana De Almeida
New comment Oct 25
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@Daniel Felipe Moncaleano I’m in Jerusalem.
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@Oscar Rinaldo @Wreford Beere are you in JHB?
Contract for Breathwork Journeys
First contract!! I'm stoked to share that a counseling practice has signed up for 5 months ( one per month) of staff enrichment for their 12 therapists. There will be a group breath journey each month. Four of them have asked about 1:1 sessions and gift cards for a journey so they could gift them to relatives and friends. I had never thought of that!! I am just so grateful to Brian and the team, as well as to the who community. We are wind beneath each other's wings. It is so exciting seeing this take off. I am humbled and more excited than I have been in years!
Kevin Smith
Eloy B
Karen Maloney
Jessica U
Mel Lord
New comment Oct 24
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@Joyce Harris incredible congratulations
The 9D Breathwork Revolution Masterclass + NEW Journey Launch 🚀
Breathwork Revolution Family! ✊ The time has come! My team and I have been working effortlessly behind the scenes for the last two years to create the perfect delivery vehicle for bringing the power of not just breathwork, but 9D Breathwork to the world stage 🌎 Our goal is crystal clear: to touch the lives of 24 million individuals every week with this therapeutic wisdom by April 2024. This goal is not merely an ambition, it is an assurance from us to you. Yet, a mission of this caliber is going to require a communal effort. That's where our extraordinary community steps in, the community that I envisioned as a beacon of shared transformation. Look at what we've done here already 🔥 If you’re here to simply reap all the benefits that breathwork can offer alongside connecting to like minded/hearted souls also on the same mission, then you keep doing that either way. But for those of you who experienced, that “holy fu*” moment the second you came out of your first 9D session with a desire to scream it from the mountain tops how infinitely powerful this sh* is, then we’d like to invite you to a special 9D launch session this Friday… 🚀 I’m going to be guiding my latest 9D experience; a 75-minute abundance activation journey, freshly off the production shelf, to align you all to the frequency of abundance, which means shedding all those outdated subconscious money blocks, and limiting beliefs 💰 This journey is an absolute game changer. Don’t take my word for it, just check out some of the feedback we’ve already received inside the 9D community below. The shifts people experience in just one journey are truly jaw-dropping. If you feel called to awaken your highest potential and step into your destiny as a leader in the breathwork revolution, now is the time. Comment "9D" below and I’ll send you the zoom link for the live group zoom call this Friday ✊ We’re not calling it the 9D Breathwork Revolution for no reason. We’ve never been more lit up and inspired to get this work out to the world than we are now. And we’re gonna need a small army of revolutionaries who are as passionate about the potential impact of this work as we are.
Dhruv Mehta
Farlee Walker
Kevin Smith
Mike Swaney
Elias Gaveta
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The 9D Breathwork Revolution is Officially Underway 🚀
We’re doing it again! The responses we had from our last LIVE ZOOM call a few weeks ago were incredible, and so we’re doing it again… Monday the 24th at 8pm Bali time we’re going live! Comment “24” below and I’ll send you the zoom link for the live group zoom call on Monday. The first 30 minutes will be a deepdive into the business opportunities presented by the rapid growth of the breathwork space. In just 7 days you can create a business unlike any other, making $100k to $400k per year, right off the bat. It’s the fastest growing sector in the health industry, and the opportunities to create a meaningful, impactful and profoundly profitable business is unlike ever before. The 9D Breathwork system allows anyone, from any walk of life, to become a licensed facilitator and spread this revolutionary work. Then the remaining 60 minutes will be a deep dive second round 9D breathwork journey for Abundance Activation that will absolutely blow you away. If you didn't catch the last one then this your opportunity to catch it on the rebound, my gift to you all ❤️ Comment “24” and I’ll see you on Monday 8pm Bali time! Big love x Brian
Dhruv Mehta
Annis Fender
Yvonne Wierenga
Zeljko Tonković
Alexandre Schoemann
New comment Aug 18
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Just start today !!!
Hi team, I just joined the adventure!!! I'm glad I got started! My door remains open to share moments with you... I come from France and live actually in Switzerland See you everybody
Dani Trewhela
Karen Hover
Marijke Tromp
Sylvain Bossot
Mike Swaney
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9D Masterclass + Abundance Journey Replay Access 🔥
Have received a ton of messages from folks who missed the missed the 9D Masterclass and Abundance Activation journey. If you’ve already registered, you should have received the link to the replay. For everyone else, it will be online for a little less than 2 days, so click the link below and jump in before it disappears ✊ For everyone who was there live or watched the recording, how was the journey!? 🔥
Sandra Coelho
Bojana Kitanovic
Yara Randa
Ágúst Guðmundur Berg
Mike Swaney
New comment Jul 23
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The abundance journey was incredible. I’ve listened twice, the first time I was asleep in seconds. The second I was in and out. Apparently I have been holding abundance or lack of it in my uterus and lower belly. Anger popped up followed by a sense of space.
Chronological age
Just curious - really being vulnerable here as I do not feel or look my age. Just wondering how many breath warriors are chronologically past the age of 50 and doing this amazing work? I am 63. The picture on my profile is from last year. I follow Dr. David Sinclair's (longevity dr) - WE SHOULD be celebrating our internal, metabolic age. On my radar to find out my metabolic age!
Marijke Tromp
Yvonne Wierenga
Marc Assaraf
Mike Swaney
Anati Bloch
New comment Jul 15
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I am 57!! can't believe it most days 😂
5 Primary Trauma Imprints Journey Recording in 9D 🚀
Breathwork Revolutionaries! ✊ I decided this morning instead of making this journey only accessible when y'all get to a certain level, it would be more fun to just gift it all to you guys as a way of saying thank you for being a part of this epic community ❤️ There's just one catch... To keep it fair to everyone who pre-paid and to all my private member's in my Level Up Community - I've gotta pull it down on Friday 🙅🏼 So, here's what you need to do. Click the link below to watch the intro ONLY from the live recorded session... Once the intro is finished, jump over to the 9D at the link below. Make sure to use headphones 🎧 to experience the full audio effect. WARNING: This is an incredibly intense experience. It will rock your fu**ing worlds, so start out nice and slow and build into it 🙌🏻 Once you're done, give yourselves a pat on the back for surviving the deep dive and when your fingers work again drop your comments/feedback here into this thread. Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Healing ❤️‍🩹 -Brian
Diana Gero de Munnik
Mona Bitar
Mike Swaney
Yara Randa
Brian Kelly
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Oh my
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I woke very early this morning and chose to participate in the 9D trauma imprints using my new headphones. Other worldly, comes to mind, when I assess my response. I screamed and yelled, I never knew I had it in me or the depths it came from. Towards the end I fell asleep and woke several hours later, feeling blissful, rested, and so curious!!!!! Everything I look at seems more focused as if I am seeing it for the first time. Colours are brighter, tastes are sharper. My body is relaxed. Thank you doesn't even skim the surface. Thank you!! @Brian Kelly
Best Song
What’s up savage saints & spiritual hustlers! Since we are all connected in here and either practicing breathwork and or guiding journeys let’s do this thing together… Let’s build the worlds most EPIC PLAYLIST Drop in the comments below a Spotify link to YOUR BEST SONG the one that gets you and moves you every time or something you have heard in the last few weeks or months? 3,2,1….Go 🚀🚀🚀 I can’t wait to hear all your songs 🤍💫 I’ve started putting songs in to a Breathwork Revolution Collection
Julien Fatisson
Mona Bitar
Michael Lindner
Barbara Lanz
Marion Dekindt
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@Mona Bitar I loved all of it Most specifically , I made it and home
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@Mona Bitar thank you!!!
In Person vs Remote
I'm definitely old school when it comes to a lot of interactions with other humans. I am new to using things like zoom (when I moved I did not want to lose some of my doctors, coaches, etc so I had to get with the times). I was always a face to face kind of person. Plus Covid made me have to learn to get on camera and get out of my comfort zone. Honestly, before covid, I did not even shop online. Haha. I had never used Amazon or things like DoorDash. I know human interaction is healthy, in person. I do worry that if I start getting remote clients that I will become more secluded because I'm already an introvert so staying home is comfy for me and it is a very easy routine for me to get into. I know a lot of coaches use remote options as part of their business and I want to have options for clients. How do we balance? What are the pros and cons? I would love to hear others thoughts to see if they are in line with mine or ones that will make me see new perspectives.
Yvonne Wierenga
Aviva Belfer
Jessica Jordan
Dani Trewhela
Karen Hover
New comment May 31
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I have mainly been working on zoom for breathwork journeys. I was totally overwhelmed with the technology, adding a playlist, remembering to record. With practice it has definitely gotten easier. I enjoy a balance of live and online.
Potential for some good picker uppers
Hey beautiful people, any resources for anything that doesn't require effort or induce resistance for days when you feel like crawling out of your skin?
Sherry Heenan
Izabela Katafoni
Enoch Abraham
Amber Fleming-Shon
Yara Randa
New comment May 2
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I have found box breathing to be helpful 4x4 or 5x5
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@Enoch Abraham wow that's synchronicity at its finest
Awaken your heart with the power of your breath✨❤️
Take a deep, slow breath in, and allow your chest to expand. As you exhale, imagine releasing any tension or stress in your body. Repeat this process several times, focusing on the sensation of your breath moving in and out of your body. With each breath, allow yourself to let go of any negative thoughts or emotions that may be holding you back. As you continue to breathe deeply and mindfully, allow your focus to shift to your heart. Imagine warm, loving energy radiating from your heart and filling your entire body. Allow yourself to feel the love and compassion in your heart. With each breath, allow yourself to open your heart more and more. Let go of any judgments or fears that may be blocking your heart. Imagine yourself becoming more and more open and receptive to love and compassion. As you continue to breathe and focus on your heart, you may begin to feel a sense of inner peace and connection to the universe. Trust in this process and allow yourself to be guided by your heart. Remember, the heart is the source of true strength and wisdom. Take a moment to set an intention for this heart-awakening breath practice. It can be something like "I open my heart to love and compassion" or "I let go of fear and judgment". Repeat it silently to yourself as you continue to breathe and focus on your heart. Remember to make this practice a regular part of your day, and watch as your heart awakens and your life transforms in ways you never thought possible.❤️✨🪄 With Love Marina
Nicola Cook
Amber Trewenack
Linda Morin
Isaac Coleman
Marina Savic
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thank you, I love the simplicity of your delivery
A Lot of Rage
Hey guys… it’s been a while since I was active here. I’m not sure exactly how this piece is gonna turn out, and it’s liable to be somewhat atypical to my previous posts. One of the generational traumas that I contend with is poverty, and it’s probably the only one that ever made me consider self-deletion. That isn’t the case now, but over the past 2 months, my finances and situations/decisions based on my finances have sparked an increasing degree of rage and self-loathing. I’ve spoken about my relocation from Chicago to Georgia and how it has been less than favorable. It was not only inspired by fear, but it led to a profuse downgrade in almost every aspect of my quality of life. If I was someone who could find a way to blame outside circumstances for the situation, I might be less enraged. But I know that this course of events was self-engineered, and dammit… it was well-crafted. Being able to see the ways I craft these problems is a gift, but it always is after the fact. And I try to be kind to myself, but in doing so, I feel like I pay for it with more conundrums. I feel like I should be happy with things on the horizon. I got accepted into the scholarship program for Breath Masters Certification. I’m supposed to be receiving a $30K CoVID tax credit. But in the same vein, I can’t pay my damn deposit for the Breath Masters Certification, and I’m constantly borrowing money just to obtain diabetes supplies. The IRS somehow fumbled my tax return processing, and all I can think is, “Bro, how in the hell did you gum it up this BAD?!” I gotta find a different way to do things. Maybe a completely fast from not only food, but social media and the normative world as a whole. Honestly I don’t know what to do but this… this ain’t it 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Anati Bloch
Enoch Abraham
Yvonne Wierenga
Aviva Belfer
Angie Andersen
New comment Mar 25
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@Brian Kelly thank you for this video Thank you for being you
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