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3 new clients ($7,500)
I've been in the SMMA space for a couple years now, and outreach has by far been the most difficult part. Being one of my biggest weaknesses in the past, I gave up on this business model entirely at one point, and started doing other things instead (dropshipping, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc...) But something always brought me back to SMMA, like someone put a spell on me, and it made it very difficult for me to actually stop.But in the last 6 months, I've been putting my head down and focusing on one thing and one thing only. Outreach, Outreach, and more outreach... Honestly, being someone that tried over and over, and quit many times, and nothing really worked, it's safe to say that i now say that i found a system that works for me.
Usman Karamat
Renzo Guevara
Venkat Maddala
Antonio Embuldeniya
M Hassan
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    @Mads Lund Did around 75-100 cold calls a day for 12 days to close 2, and cold dm's to close the 3rd. I used a very simple cold calling script which i had to fine tuned over time to engage better with the decision maker
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    @Taha Shabbir Replied above
Cold call script that works like magic for me
I've been using a crazy powerful script that helped me book 24 appointments in the last 5 days purely through cold calling. Cold calling is NOT dead. It needs the right approach, and most people that cold call have no proper game plan in mind just dm me and i'll send it to you
Farry T.
Antonio Embuldeniya
Juelma Mo
Nikit Sajiv
Sergiu Ignat
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2 new clients closed at $2500 MRR
Been doing outreach for the longest time and after seeing some initial success with outreach and getting a few clients at $1497, I decided to increase my pricing and make a couple changes to my offer. The last few weeks were absolutely brutal... and had a lot of no shows and people straight out refusing to pay for marketing. The more I did outreach, the more discouraged I got and my confidence took a massive hit. I was questioning whether i should go back to my original pricing and offer the same services I used to Until out of the blue, one of my prospects from few days ago reached out and wanted to get on a call with me (he was on the fence and didn't want to pull the trigger until Jan 2024) Closed. Next, I completely re-created my cold dm and cold calling scripts. Out of 4 new appointments, another client closed. Just goes to show that no matter how bad things seem, and when you're at the very edge of giving up, that's when you should push even more because massive results are right around the corner
Dave Wedzina
Kavin Prabhu
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