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@Andrew Kirby stopped by Skool HQ the other day to hang out. We talked about Skool for 6 hours. He's doing some interesting things with his free group "Synthesizer School". He basically funnels his audience (social, email list, etc.) to his free group + mini-course. He builds a relationship with his audience in the group, and occasionally promotes his paid course. It works! The funnel: Audience → to Community → to Customers. Anyway... I got Kirby to create a "Free Group Funnel" mini-course sharing his process. If you have any questions, comment below, and I'm sure Kirby will help. Enjoy!



Troy Scott
Andrew Kirby
Warren Gibbons
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Safia Matabaro
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    @Tuyen Vu have you watched the training videos that Andrew made? They’re really helpful and will likely address your above question.

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    @Tuyen Vu Sam links to it in his above post 👍🏼

We're thinking of doing a sick Black Friday deal. The craziest Black Friday deal we've ever done. Interested? Give me a sick GIF in the comments below if you want a sick deal.



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@Nick Guadagnoli keeps Skool’s operations running smoothly. Help him celebrate!



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Hey guys! As many of your know, I have a free Skool community. I started the community with zero intention of monetisation. I genuinely wanted to bring together 'my people'. But recently I launched an offer and... ... Drumroll please ... I made $100,000 in 10 days! With zero employees. And with only $99 in expenses (yes, Skool is my only expense apart from Stripe). From only one simple post. Would you guys be interested if I made a free course sharing how I did it? I could share: - Is a Free Group Funnel right for you? - How to START a free group funnel - How to FILL a free group funnel - How to MONETISE a free group funnel Comment a money related GIF if you'd be interested, so that I know who to send it to!



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    @Andrew Kirby really appreciate you taking the time to create this. Found it really interesting and very helpful. Good stuff man!

We train financial advisors how to form partnerships with CPAs and do joint client work. We of course use skool for our advisor community, but we also set up a free skool community for the CPAs of our advisors, and the only thing they need to do to get access is sign an engagement agreement with one of the advisors in our training. This is a win/win/win as it creates a unique value prop for the advisors, provides more value to the CPAs, and increases the stickiness of our clients b/c their CPAs only get access while they're a paid member (annual renewal). Cheers!



Hey team, Yesterday, we launched our FREE Skool group to our email list/social media... and within 24-hours we got over 295+ NEW members to join, PLUS we've already booked 3 calls with members who are interested in joining our Ad Men Mastermind! For context, our group is for Coaches, Course Creators, and Agency Owners who want to learn how to scale with YouTube Ads. We gave away our entire YouTube Ads creative process as a "lead magnet" to join, along with 3 BONUS YouTube Ads audit calls (previously recorded from old clients). So far, members are loving it! (see the pic below from Jerry) We're using the age old: "Demonstrate you can help people by actually helping them..." trick lol ;) - credit to Frank Kern Anyways, hope this inspires you to launch your free group and start building your community! Cheers 🥂 P.S. shoutout to @Sam Ovens and the Skool team for making this superior product, and to @Andrew Kirby for his free Skool group training.



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We've got a SICK Black Friday deal for you... - Skool 1-year subscription (usually $1,200) - Wetube self-study course (usually $9,800) - Total: $11,000 This Black Friday - get both for $999. That's $10,000 in real savings. A true 91% discount. Interested? Join the waitlist here to be notified the moment it goes live. 🔥🔥🔥



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    @Nevin Sabet how? Makes sense to me and is great value.

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    @Nevin Sabet there’s no content in the training? Did you look in the classroom feature? There’s dozens of videos, so maybe you just didn’t see the right section?

Hi team, If you add membership questions – will these only be required for those who find the group and request to join? Or will these also be required for those we invite? Currently we 'invite' them to Skool. I'd like to continue to invite them, and then have them fill out the questions. If the membership questions are currently only for people who request, would I then just send the Skool link in their onboarding email? @Sam Ovens @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Brandon Kaiser
Ashley Payonk
Giulia Guerrieri
Anton Anderson
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe to make sure I follow, if we use the "Invite people to join..." by entering their email and sending them the invite, then they will not be asked the questions. On the other hand, if I use the "Get an invite link to share" and they click on that, they will be asked the questions. Is that correct?

We are rewarding current members of our community for introducing others in the industry to the community. To help manage this, the first question new prospective members are asked is how they heard about the group. We've had 2 members say they were able to join without ever being asked the questions. Is there any circumstance where that could happen (they join automatically and are able to bypass the questions)? Maybe if they're already a member of another skool group? @Jena Wilson



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Jan 24

I think you should change the name. I have always felt this. The product seems great, but who actually likes school? I think in the long run the name will hinder success. Just my thoughts.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Nathaniel Demian
Jonathan Santillan
Roman Pearl
Danny Mallinder
New comment Nov '22
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    @Nathaniel Demian but it's not school, it's skool :)

Now you can earn 40% of monthly recurring revenue by referring people to Skool. Refer 3 people and Skool becomes an income stream, not a cost. Watch the video below to see how it works. How to refer people: Go to "User settings" --> "Referrals" tab --> Copy/paste your referral link --> Done! Note: You can only refer people if you've got a paid group on Skool. Check it out and let us know what you think? 💰💰💰



Ted Carr
Mitch Wilder
Shola Emily
Richard Robin
Nick Guadagnoli
New comment Sep '22
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    Love this addition. Any plans or ideas on how we can duplicate this idea in our own community for our clients? In other words, encourage our clients to refer others through an affiliate program and track through skool?

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    @Sam Ovens no worries. Thanks!

Imagine you have a free group. If members invite 5 friends, they unlock a free course Imagine you have a paid group. If members invite a friend that pays in full, they get $1000



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New comment Aug '22
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    @Chris Moore cool suggestion Chris (regarding saving shortcut icon). Thx

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