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Hey everyone, I've posted on FB but thought I can also post it here to gain more insights. Wondering if anyone had any personal/client experience to stop smoking through breath work? I have a potential client that is looking to stop smoking and I thought creating a breathing protocol in daily life would def. help in changing the negative behaviour towards more positive. if anyone has any idea / input will be very much appreciated. πŸ™



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Hi guys As always, I did my breathing exercise this morning. For this I always use Brian's MB30 sessions. Today, however, I felt like falling asleep on the last breathhold. When I regained "consciousness" I heard Brian say that we were already at 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Everything in between I had missed. So I suspect I had regained consciousness because of the breathhunger. It was easy to get to 4 minutes like that though :-) Have any of you experienced this as well?



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    Hi Niko, i had the same experience even during the inhaling and breath hold. I'm really wondering hows that even possible? it feels like you are drifting to sleep..

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