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Jun 24 
Speaker and Mic
Hey guys! This is more of a post for you functioning coaches. I have some concerns. 1. How do you deliver the message in a room with music (speaker and mic)? 2. What tools do you use to do that online that allow you to consistently share the music (Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc)? Loving this!
Mike Swaney
Mick Pearce
Paul Kaman
Anggra Tidayoh
Erin Forbes
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@Erin Forbes hi erin.. just checking if youve got the mic that can be connected to that Aura studio speaker?
Tech, app, programs & gadgetry ...
Firstly, thanks to @Erin Forbes for sharing her use of snowball mic and Aura Studio speakers (on my wish list) in what tools our revolutionists are using. Also, huge score with @Dani Trewhela sharing her Spotify list of 9D playlist, this got me thinking, what else is our collective using in the way of tech, apps, programs and gadgetry to aid, support or enhance both their own personal use and or in their client-based practise. This can be primarily for breathwork or anything that can be used as an adjunct to enhance the experience pre/post session. Personally, I make use of certain apps for aiding the mediative experience post breathwork (I find this the most powerful time to program and affirm my day), binaural beats and a frequency generator. Also, I have formulated, copied and saved a list of positive affirmations and empowering questions (happy to share) to weave into upcoming journey scripts. I am curious as to how one goes about mixing and overlaying when it comes to the production of the "Journey". Also are there apps to aid in breath timing? This platform is amazing in the way the support, information and love is shared without hesitation or expectation. Blessed to have found this space I find myself in now ........ a massive thanks to all that has supported and helped thus far and moving forward.
Dani Trewhela
Mick Pearce
Anggra Tidayoh
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@Dani Trewhela Hi Dani.. do you have any suggestion of mic to use for live session?
Perfect Modality for Processing Trauma
I've gone and listened to "The Body Keeps the Score" again now as I am doing the coaching training I have read this book years ago, but have not been able to afford EMDR or any of the other modalities referenced in this work. After doing a few TBJ's, I am ever more convinced that the multiple sclerosis I have been battling for the past 12 years is tied to unresolved childhood trauma. I've worked with a fellow hypnotherapist, self-hypnosis, talked with counsellors and psychologists...but the cognitive element leads my conscious mind to throw up all manner of defense, lying to myself, saying that I have "dealt with it"🙄. This leads me to seek solutions for all the accessory "causes" (parasite infestation/Lyme/etc) and I tell myself stories to assuage my monkey mind (I think I'm a fairly intelligent person, and I tell exceedingly persuasive/compelling stories). After a TBJ, my ability to walk smoothly without a cane is improved greatly and persists for a longer time than my previous TBJ. #PeelThatOnion
Marina Savic
Paula Stockamp
Kasia Pochwala
Kevin Smith
Mike Swaney
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Preach! Yes peel of that onion! as hypnotherapist my self i thought ive dealt with all my trauma. little that i know that after doing a couple of TBWJ, it is start to peel another layer that was stuck in my body that i didnt knew it was existed. 😅
breathwork & kids
Any resources around this? I meant to ask this on a Q&A but fell behind in the program and wasn't able to.
Amber Fleming-Shon
Anggra Tidayoh
Gitika Sinha
Mike Swaney
Jennifer Teramo
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@Kevin Smith hey Kevin. Do you mind if I join this? Really keen to understand how it works 🙏🏾
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@Annabelle Beydoun Thank you for sharing Annabelle. I might look into this.
TBWJ safe for Breastfeeding mothers?
Hello everyone, I know that TBWJ isn't suitable for pregnant women, however how about mothers who is currently breast feeding? does anyone have any knowledge? TIA
Erin Forbes
Anggra Tidayoh
Dani Trewhela
Marion Dekindt
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@Erin Forbes Yes that's what I thought too. Just wanted to make sure of the potential impact on milk production as you mention or if there is any.
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