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Skool + Airtable CRM & Client Management System 💰
Hi, I’m Andrew... I haven’t posted here in awhile, but I had to say this... Skool + Airtable is a deadly combination. If you’re starting out... 1. Create data sections in airtable for "Sales Prospecting" & "Client Management" in Airtable 2. Use the Airtable Webclipper to automatically sync the prospects in your free Skool community into your Airtable CRM ( 3. Create an Onboarding Form for new clients in Airtable, so they're automatically added 4. Add a section for their Skool Profile to be added to their Client Card in Airtable, so you're just one click away from seeing all of their Skool metrics 5. Set up the Dashboards for your Skool Synced CRM & Client Management System in Airtable Interfaces (see below for some examples) (I've added pictures below with some examples. @Ted Carr reminded me of this today, so that's why he's in there and why I'm writing this post :p) Obviously this is the simplified process, but this combination of Skool and Airtable has made the sales and client delivery side of the business so much simpler than when I was using Facebook Groups and Spreadsheets in my last $5mil+ coaching business. Thank you so so so much @Sam Ovens and the Skool community here! Skool is sooo much better than Facebook Groups :p
Ted Carr
Matthew Morgan
Asmâa Methqal
Mario Giac
Andrew Kroeze
New comment 4d ago
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@Mario Giac yessir. Coming your way
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@Asmâa Methqal yup, we use a webhook to GHL. And when people enter our Skool group we capture email and phone number regardless, but for prospecting on FB / IG / Skool organically before optin this tool works great
What business are you in?
Curious what everyone does in here...would love to form some connections :)
Joshua St. Clair
Asmâa Methqal
Nurse Sam
Brent C
Lotfi Drif
New comment 13d ago
Passive $97 Masterclass Sales in My Skool Community 🎉
I freaking love this much better to organize content and create passive sales than in Facebook Groups... I have created well over twelve $97 masterclasses over the past few years... And this weekend I decided to upload them to my community and created launch posts for them inside the course area / the community and it's been driving passive sales IMMEDIATELY. Highly recommend 10/10 doing this in Skool 💪 Also, I've added some pictures below on how to do it, so if you don't wanna join my community and still wanna do this 👇 Hope that helps! Woo 🙏
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Andrew Kroeze
Erika Kulpina
Jacob Sutton
Steven Pearson
New comment 26d ago
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@Erika Kulpina totally, Erika!
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@Steven Pearson thanks man!
Group chat feature request
Many times I wish there was a group chat function like in Slack where I can add two or more people into a group chat.
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Taylor Benterud
Aadit Sheth
Tim van Orsouw
David Cavanagh
New comment Sep 4
0 likes • Jan 29
Second this
Skool integrations with Course Completion Metrics 🤔
First off, I'm loving Skool...even though I was known as the Facebook Groups guy back in the day lol Quick there or will there be an integration with Skool client metrics and Airtable / Google Sheets or any other platform? I know there are zapier integrations with new member answers. However, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything when it comes to client metrics. Thank you 🙏
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Aug 21
Skool CRM for DM's
Sam has mentioned a few times how Skool is becoming a powerful 'Group Funnel' tool. And I agree but... If Skool had an in-house CRM for the DM's so setters could stay more organized with labels (like Genius CRM does for FB) that would be insanely helpful for keeping track of convo's in the pipeline. If Skool does not plan on building a feature for this, would it be possible for someone to build a 3rd party app like Genius?
30 members have voted
Benny D
Breynan Hammons
Brinley Rebstein
Ted Carr
Andrew Kroeze
New comment Apr 10
0 likes • Jan 30
@Ted Carr yeah, it syncs up with any website that hosts peoples profiles, so we use it for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and LinkedIn too
0 likes • Apr 10
@Ted Carr yessir. been adding tracking dashboards to it too of late
Skool iPhone App
I don’t see many people talking about this here and thought it might help. But we have our clients set up an iPhone Shortcut on their phone with a direct link to our Skool Group. We provide the SOP on how to set it up with our logo and have them set it up during onboarding. It takes them two seconds. Super easy. And we saw a big increase in activity when we started doing this. Btw - loving Skool. Thanks @Sam Ovens Hope that helps guys! 🙏
Josh Gavin
Ted Carr
Andrew Kroeze
Luke Halford
New comment Feb 11
0 likes • Jan 29
@Josh Gavin because I didn't know it this is epic. Thanks man!
Mobile app coming?
I would love to offer a Skool mobile app to my students. Is that in the pipeline?
Joao Cascao
Danny Mallinder
Brinley Rebstein
Kevin Lee
Andrew Kroeze
New comment Jan 29
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I'm using an Iphone Shortcut that essentially like an app and I have all my clients set it up as soon as they join. Works great
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@Kevin Lee this is epic man. thank you!
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