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The wisdom of trauma film screening
If you're interested The Wisdom of Trauma film, featuring Dr Gabor Mate, is available to watch for free until Sunday night here:
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    Hey thanks @Erin Forbes I just watched it. Powerful. I have often considered the amount of energy one expends trying not to see or hear or feel but I never followed through to imagine being able to harness that energy for other purposes once one allows oneself to feel and see and hear. Seems so simple but there you go. Learning something new!
Breathwork Retreat w/ James Nestor & Chuck McGee: Costa Rica Oct. 28 - Nov.4
Would anyone like to go to this and share an eco-cottage that has twin beds? It's with James Nestor, the author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art (life changing book if you haven't read it) and Chuck McGee, one of Wim Hoff's original certified instructors. The room cost is $2499 per person and is ALL INCLUSIVE of food, lectures, moonlight, surf, and everything else except alcoholic beverages and optional massage services: I am their Priority Wait List, which means I will have access to room registration 24 hours before they are released to the public. They will sending out a special Wait List access code to reserve all rooms on April 9, 2023 at 10am Pacific Time that I will send to you as soon as it comes so we can both register and request each other as room mates. I'm on a bit of a budget so this is the most economical room for single travelers. I would almost be willing to sleep in a tent to be at this amazing event! To me, it's very low priced for what you get. I've spent a lot more for week long events and still had to pay rooms, food etc. separately. Please message me ASAP if you are interested.
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This is your entry point into a hyper-learning environment primed for maximum growth and transformation. You’ll find the tools, the techniques, and more than enough motivation to use breathwork to heal every part of your body and your life. The only thing I can’t do for you is breathe. What I can do is tell you to do this: - Do the 5 Day Breathwork Challenge - Sign up for a minimum of 1 deep dive Transformational Breathwork Journey/month - Do the Morning Breath Activation practice EVERY DAY - Hold each other accountable to show up as your best selves  - Support, motivate and inspire each other If we do the practices, if we commit to the shifts, if we build a strong community then we cannot fail to create a better world for ourselves and each other. Let’s get it! Brian
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    Loving this work so much- any advice on self sabotage- journeys that address this?
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    Thanks @Alina Stoicescu ! I actually did the 5 trauma journey and was thinking I’d like to do it again- it was powerful stuff and I didn’t even listen to the correct recording!
Certified BreathMasters! How is your new business?
My background: I was in the June Cohort but have fallen behind. Work and life are my top excuses. Work has been up and down for the last year. I was contracting (think: desk job) since this time last year. However, those invoices were not getting paid and bills racked up. I finally got caught up and hired as a full time employee. For the last few months pay has been consistent but I recently found out I'm getting pushed back to contract due to a merger. So the uncertainty continues and I'm being advised (personally by my boss) to supplement this change with other contract work. So I come to a cross roads here where I want to dive into the work and get my certification. I already have business name, LLC, website, some graphics, etc. But my question is: For those of you that have made the transition, what has been your time frame to profitability? And, to justify that transition, how committed were you (full time, part time, weekends, nights only, etc)? Thanks in advance! Just looking for some inspiration to take that step (again). Cheers! Paul
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    Hi Paul- I too had to step back because life was demanding my time and attention- but don’t feel too discouraged. We reformed our pod and sought mentorship from past grads and this has been very inspiring and also helpful in that you can ask these kinds of nuts and bolts questions. If your pod isn’t too lively you can jump to another. I find the Facebook group very overwhelming but you might try asking about this there- and maybe those coaching calls have some good info. It seems to me that most people who dive right in are doing related work already- but not everyone. Advice that helped me was to keep doing journeys and daily breathwork and ask yourself to reveal the answers to your questions. It’s already inside you and you are here because of that.
Breath quote
“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” Thich Nhat Hang Something to remember every day!
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Website is finally here!
A thousand thanks to @Amanda Jane for her masterful work!
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    I just took a look- congrats Kevin! That @Amanda Jane is really something! Totally impressed
ANNOUNCEMENT: Encore of Full System Reset this SATURDAY 🚀
Breathwork Revolutionaries! ✊ Can I be real with you all for a minute? While these masterclasses have always been our gift to you, they're more than just an access key to the 9D breathwork experiences. They're invitations. Invitations to a larger vision, to a movement that's bigger than all of us combined. You see, our vision is a bold one: by January 2024, we aim to impact 24.5 million souls every week with the raw power of 9D breathwork. A dream? Absolutely. But one we believe in and we're fully committed to making happen. However, dreams, as expansive as they are, can't be nurtured solo. We're already well into the process of cultivating the most powerful fu**ing movement the breathwork world has ever seen. A powerhouse community of 9D Breathwork ambassadors who are carrying this light to every nook and cranny of our world - from bustling cities to serene countryside, across all continents and cultures. So, I'm not gonna mask it: these classes are also a call to join our ranks. But more than a 'sales call,' consider it a heart-to-heart. An invitation to leverage the impact that this medicine delivers and step up to help bring it to those who need it most... Which right now, consists of ALMOST EVERYONE. Imagine the possibility of ushering in a global shift, of turning ripples into tidal waves of positive change. By joining our mission, you're not just instructing; you're inspiring, healing, and creating legacies. Our world needs its leaders, its visionaries. its revolutionaries. It needs YOU. So, if you're ready to learn how to leverage the most powerful form of breathwork and use it to make the most massive impact while making amazing $$ and carving out the most fulfilling life in the process, then drop "9D" in the comments below and we'll see you Saturday at 8pm Bali time🔥 With deep respect, Brian Ps if you can’t make it live recording will go out and be available for a few days x
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FINALLY HERE: Gamified Rewards Environment
We humans are fueled by incentive and reward. Do something good, feel good about it, rinse and repeat. This is how we’ll sculpt your nervous system so your thoughts and feelings become a source of strength and internal inspiration rather than a source of self-sabotage and suffering. Basically this: the more you put into this group the more you’ll get out. I’ve designed this ecosystem to reward you for doing the things you know you want to do. The more you do the practices, the more you engage in a positive manner, the more you show up, the more you will get rewarded. In this way we create a positive feedback loop which spirals you upwards to the place you want to be. The other awesome thing? If you’re short of cash but you’re playing full out, you’ll be able to earn the points to access the full 9D Breathwork Community. If that’s not your jam and you just want access to my Premium stuff right away (cos there’s no time to waste and you’re on a fu**in' mission) - then go right ahead, click this link and follow the steps. Either way, we’re going to get you where you want to go. Enjoy the journey my friend. My team and I plus this community of game changers will be right there with you every step of the way. Brian
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    Hi - I’ve really been loving the breathwork exercises I have learned through this group - but I’m only at level 3. I do interact with the community but I’m not sure how leveling up works. Also I’m interested in the 30 day challenge but I’m not sure where or how to sign up. Is this somewhere on the site? I would love to bring this into my work soon as I am already teaching Pilates and these methods dovetail wonderfully, so I’d also like more info on your certification program. Thanks so much!! Amber
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    Thank you @Alina Stoicescu . I do love the supportive and positive community here. Really cool!
Where is everyone based?
I'm curious where everyone is based in the world? I'm in Israel and was wondering if there are others from previous cohorts who are also here? I'd also love to know how people are bringing this work into their practices? Individual sessions, group sessions, online, face to face? I found myself getting overwhelmed at the possibilities and we aren't even there yet 😂
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Contract for Breathwork Journeys
First contract!! I'm stoked to share that a counseling practice has signed up for 5 months ( one per month) of staff enrichment for their 12 therapists. There will be a group breath journey each month. Four of them have asked about 1:1 sessions and gift cards for a journey so they could gift them to relatives and friends. I had never thought of that!! I am just so grateful to Brian and the team, as well as to the who community. We are wind beneath each other's wings. It is so exciting seeing this take off. I am humbled and more excited than I have been in years!
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    So important to reach out to mental health professionals. All the therapists I have known were drawn to the profession because of traumas they suffered so this work can be such a powerful support to them. Yay @Joyce Harris and thanks again for the great journey
ANNOUNCEMENT: Full System Reset 9D Journey goes LIVE tonight! 🚀
Breathwork Revolutionaries ✊ Mark your calendars for 8:00pm Bali time tonight (just 3 hours from now) because sh*ts about to get real with this one! Fully System Reset was originally called The Purge, but I didn't want to scare people away with the title so opted to give it a little adjustment with the naming, but the objective and outcome is still the same... to push the giant red reset button and purge our individual and collective struggles to make room for that inner light to come shining through ❤️ It's like spring cleaning, but for your mind, body, and soul. It's gonna be intense, but trust me, it's worth it. Photo below is my 4 y.o. son Ami giving a test drive :) Drop "9D" in the comments and we'll send you the link to join. Even if you can't join live drop it in anyways and we'll send you the recording x See you then! Brian
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Breathwork Styles within Breath Masters
TBJ...Hybrid...Regenerative... If you are like me, you might find yourself ranking and comparing these experiences to one another. Have you asked yourself, which one is best? Have you ever thought " but it is ONLY a regenerative journey"? I have. I began to challenge this dualistic way of thinking as I began hearing of radical transformation taking place with coaches that focus mostly on regenerative journeys. As I had to cope with an aging demographic coming to me with numerous contraindications ( not to mention the contraindications I deal with) I began writing hybrid journeys that only have 14-18 minutes of conscious connected breathing and I am seeing people having such incredible breakthrough experiences, including deep emotions and psychedelic-type visions. I think that the breath is powerful, I think our intentions our powerful, I think inspired words are powerful. We have all three. A transformed life is the end goal, not how loud we scream, how much tetany, or whether we are having an outwardly quiet experience. From my observation, breathwork coaches all over are delivering journeys that are helping people radically transform their lives, who cares how we get there? I love that all of our lights and expressions of that light are different. Some are like 100 candles, some are big search lights, some are oil lamps. At the end of the day, people just need the light. Let's welcome all the variety.
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    Absolutely Joyce. It’s something I struggle with because as much as I have gained from experiencing tbj - that isn’t really the modality I can see naturally folding into. There is so much for people to learn from all of this, it is all amazing, and thank you as always for your insights
Somatic breathwork facilitator in New York needed
Hello everyone, Please share if you know Trauma informed therapist in New York? Somatic breathowrk with guidance preferably.
Amber Fleming-Shon
Bojana Kitanovic
Han Alcantara
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    Hi Bojana, if you’re on Facebook maybe I can post for you on the breathmasters page. Then graduates will see it
  • 2 likes • Sep 23
    @Bojana Kitanovic hi I tried to message you on Facebook to be sure I was directing recs to the right person but I didn’t get a response. Message me I guess?
The 9D Breathwork Revolution Masterclass + NEW Journey Launch 🚀
Breathwork Revolution Family! ✊ The time has come! My team and I have been working effortlessly behind the scenes for the last two years to create the perfect delivery vehicle for bringing the power of not just breathwork, but 9D Breathwork to the world stage 🌎 Our goal is crystal clear: to touch the lives of 24 million individuals every week with this therapeutic wisdom by April 2024. This goal is not merely an ambition, it is an assurance from us to you. Yet, a mission of this caliber is going to require a communal effort. That's where our extraordinary community steps in, the community that I envisioned as a beacon of shared transformation. Look at what we've done here already 🔥 If you’re here to simply reap all the benefits that breathwork can offer alongside connecting to like minded/hearted souls also on the same mission, then you keep doing that either way. But for those of you who experienced, that “holy fu*” moment the second you came out of your first 9D session with a desire to scream it from the mountain tops how infinitely powerful this sh* is, then we’d like to invite you to a special 9D launch session this Friday… 🚀 I’m going to be guiding my latest 9D experience; a 75-minute abundance activation journey, freshly off the production shelf, to align you all to the frequency of abundance, which means shedding all those outdated subconscious money blocks, and limiting beliefs 💰 This journey is an absolute game changer. Don’t take my word for it, just check out some of the feedback we’ve already received inside the 9D community below. The shifts people experience in just one journey are truly jaw-dropping. If you feel called to awaken your highest potential and step into your destiny as a leader in the breathwork revolution, now is the time. Comment "9D" below and I’ll send you the zoom link for the live group zoom call this Friday ✊ We’re not calling it the 9D Breathwork Revolution for no reason. We’ve never been more lit up and inspired to get this work out to the world than we are now. And we’re gonna need a small army of revolutionaries who are as passionate about the potential impact of this work as we are.
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How to send someone the 5 day challenge
I have a friend who would benefit from this- if I invite her to join Skool, will the 5 day challenge be available to her?
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