Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Private group
20 members
$97 /month
Proven Principles you can implement right now for results today (not tomorrow).
This is a brand new group (APRIL 2024) for entrepreneurs. We are not for everyone!
We believe your personal net worth must go up every time your business earns money.
We put Revenue in First Position not preparation. This is the first step in phenomenal customer service.
We believe in making money FIRST from free, organic sources BEFORE paying for marketing.
We believe education comes from Massive Imperfect Action and results, not collecting information.
We believe every business requires at least one full-time person.
We believe in the power of tithing and charity and boldly recommend it.
We believe in reading, if you don't read or are not willing to start, this group is not for you.
We believe owners must know how to read a P&L to create businesses that runs without them.
We believe in focusing more on fewer things, distractions get eliminated.
We believe in a “No Lead Left Behind” attitude!
Privacy and terms
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Know your numbers, make better moves. Bam!
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