The Vocal Academy
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$49 /month
Kia Ora! welcome to The Vocal Academy, a place where you can learn in a structured, supportive environment how to sing.... well better. (depending on your goals, higher, louder, faster, stronger) I wanted to create an online school where you could take what you need, practice it and then get feedback and and when you need it. Simple as that. Know what to practice when. (That should really be my slogan)
Inside the academy you will get:
  • Bi-weekly masterclasses on a set topic.
  • Pre-recorded lessons to work through at your own pace.
  • The opportunity to get feedback on your singing practice.
  • Get the support you need through trainings plans that are designed to get you to your goals with structure and securty.
  • Learn in a commited community of singers. ;)
See you inside! I can't wait to meet you.
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The Vocal Academy
The Vocal Academy is your platform to learn how to sing with structured lessons taking you to a more powerful secure voice to be proud of.
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