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Zenpreneur Roadmap
As a Zenpreneur, this is how your journey is likely to go:
Step 1: Understanding The Zenpreneur Method (Start here.)
**Self Mastery fundamentals**
Step 2: Setting and Achieving Clear Goals
Step 3: Developing an Unstoppable Mindset
Step 4: Mastering Your Emotions
**Business mastery fundamentals**
Step 5: Positioning Your Business to Attract Dream Clients
Step 6: Creating your High-Ticket Zenpreneur Offer
Step 7: Generating Qualified Leads
Step 8: Selling and Managing Client Relationships
Step 9: Building your Social Proof
Step 10: Scaling to $10k+/month
Zenpreneurs understand the vital importance of these 10 steps.
And simply by refining these 10 steps, you can scale to multi six figures with ease.
Scaling is important but it’s not our only goal.
Our focus is on Business Mastery through a process of Self Mastery.
There’s no point in increasing our income if it’ll make us miserable and trapped.
What do you think of the Zenpreneur Roadmap?
This is by no means final.
Building an agency is not linear. And yet, it's simple.
The core fundamentals of an agency come down to selling (serving) and fulfilment (personal life and business operations).
Think of it like an MVR (minimal viable roadmap).
• There may steps that you may feel are missing.
• There are some steps that you'll need more help with.
• If you think of something that requires further investigation, comment below.
Mario Lanzarotti
Zenpreneur Roadmap
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