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šŸ˜ Wondering if you'll EVER finish this novel?
šŸ˜« Feel like an imposter?
šŸ˜­ Want help from a pro? And new book pals who CARE about your creative writing progress?
šŸ‘‹ An author and scriptwriter for three decades (http://bit.ly/ArnoppBio), I've written Doctor Who and worked with Hollywood's Ron Howard. My novel The Last Days Of Jack Sparks is in development for TV.
I'm on a mission to
šŸ’„ help you believe in yourself and take control of your writing
šŸ’„ demystify the writing process
šŸ’„ give you daily accountability
šŸ’„ maintain a safe, exclusive space for you to voice fears and ask questions
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We help authors and scriptwriters feel way better about themselves, so that they can finally get their stories written. šŸ‘Š
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