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Welcome to Christina White Wolfe's community!
Are you ready to dominate in every area of your life—mind, body, love, career, spirit and embrace true freedom? I think you've been working on yourself long enough. I think you now what to do already but something might be stopping you or it's time to get to the next level. I AM Christina White Wolfe and I don't sugar coat. So, if you want to move forward, expect to make changes if you work with us. Expect to do something different. Expect to laugh and have fun... It's all about enjoying this beautiful life.
Come join us!
  • Connect with other likeminded people to be on this journey with you
  • Receive weekly affirmations
  • Learn efficient techniques to release stress and anxiety
  • Monthly breathwork sessions to level up in all sectors followed by personal intuitive guidance
  • Reverse your age
  • Manifest abundance of wealth, love, happiness
  • Find your purpose
  • Let go of trauma, guilt and sadness
  • Get healthier
At 75 members pricing going up to $55/month
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Private group
Welcome to Christina White Wolfe's tribe! Dominate in every area of your life—mind, body, love, career, spirit, have purpose and embrace true freedom
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