What Makes You Well
Private group
10 members
$17 /month
šŸ‘‹ Welcome to the What Makes You Well Community! We are here to support women on their journey to better health through sustainable lifestyle changes.
Inside you can expect:
šŸ„‘ Weekly Wellness Challenges on various topics, such as: Nutrition, Energy Elevation, Movement, Sleep, Stress Reduction, and more!
šŸ“ž Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
šŸŽ Monthly Training Videos
šŸ¤ Discounts on Coaching Programs
What makes our approach different?
We believe that creating lasting well-being is an inside, out job. Whether you want to lose some weight, reduce stress, develop specific lifestyle habits, or are not sure what you want & where to start....
We got you!
It starts with understanding how to set goals more effectively. Using our Intrinsic Goal Setting Framework you will have a much better idea of where to start and how to not only make progress, but do so in a mindful and consistent way - All whilst being supported by other women who also want a more ease-filled, sustainable approach to ultimate well-being
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What Makes You Well
Women's health & lifestyle support. Creating š¬š®š¬š­ššš¢š§ššš›š¢š„š¢š­š² & consistency with a lifestyle that makes us feel good from the inside, out.
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