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Welcome New Authors!
Let's get started, this is our new platform called SKOOL, this group is exclusively for authors, and where you'll interact with the team and find all your resources.
Let's Get Started.
Go To Classroom Tab & Open "WGW Authors Onboarding"
Each step will walk you through to the next. And you'll be welcomed by Marie, your Client Concierge inside chat.
Step 2:
Introduce Yourself In The Community Section under the welcome post!
This is where you can chat with other authors and get updates on your upcoming projects we're working on for WGW.
Step 3:
Under Classroom, you'll find the title of the book you are in.
Inside you'll find your name. This is where we will save all the resources, articles and graphics we create for you so it's easy to find and navigate.
Each of your team members will be communicating with you inside the community and chat so you don't miss anything.
Don't Forget : Download SKOOL on your phone to make communication a breeze.
Come Be WILD With Us!
Privacy and terms
Private group
Go To Classroom Tab & Complete the "Authors Onboarding Steps"
Step 2:
Introduce Yourself In The Community Section
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