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Navigating the world of voiceover can feel like a maze, with questions piling up – "Where do I start? How do I find my community? Who can I turn to for guidance?" If you've ever felt lost in the voiceover wilderness, you're not alone.
VoiceOver School is your compass!
We understand the challenges of starting without a roadmap, the isolation of a solo journey, and the frustration of facing voiceover puzzles without a mentor.
We provide a clear path for your voiceover adventure, transforming uncertainty into a roadmap.
Share wins, ask questions, and get answers!
*Weekly live Q&A, auditions and demo feedback, and coaching sessions with Jesse
*Weekly live “Watch Me Work” sessions, where you get to watch me audition, edit, and actually do the job, live!
*Interviews with top industry professionals!
Giveaways and prizes!
June 1st grand prize giveaway is the FULL "VoiceOver Jumpstart" Course PLUS a LIFETIME free membership to this community!
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Private group
Learn the business of voiceover, make VO friends, and get feedback and interact with professional VO Jesse Carroll, so you have a clear path forward!
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