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Hi, my name is Mike Fry. I’m from Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and my company is RWC For Life & Steward Financial Services. We’re in the retirement design & planning niche. I want to get these things from Vanguard: 1. Rather than just buying leads or FB marketing, I am looking to develop my relationship marketing to help people with my company best aligns. 2. Less stress - more fun with my business. 3. Build a long-term client acquisition system to remove the stress of marketing and finding that next client. For fun, I like to: 1. Travel with my family, do weekend driving trips, and relax on the beach. 2. Work with stained glass. 3. Honestly, I like working in my business and creating new ways of helping my clients (I'm a bit of a nerd 🙄).
Mark Ford
Andrew Ranzinger
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Intro: Katherine Fibiger
Hi, my name is Katherine Fibiger, I’m from Fairfield, CT, and I just transitioned to a new RIA called Farther Finance. I am a financial planner at heart and love putting together the pieces of the puzzle to help my clients succeed. I want to get these things from Vanguards: 1. Identify the right niche market, and create a system to automate my lead generation of ideal clients 2. Learn best practices around sales process and practice management to be able to effectively close and scale 3. Grow my AUM as fast as possible without getting over-worked or over-whelmed For fun, I like to: 1. Travel as much as I can (which is not as much as I would like) to experience new places and cultures  2. Spend time with my family- summers at the beach and playing tennis, and winters in VT skiing (I wish they were big mountains as Mark wrote in his intro, but stuck with what we have here on the east coast) 3. Cook great food, drink nice wine and see live music #1. Vision
Olivia Neyland
Mark Ford
Katherine Fibiger
Edward Condon
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Hey, I'm Ryan
Hi, my name is Ryan Kolden, I’m from San Diego, CA, and my company is Kolden Wealth. I work with pre-retirees/retirees, accredited investors seeking alts, and business owners looking to reduce their taxes. I will focus on pre-retirees and retirees for my first offer. I want to get these things from Vanguards: 1. Consistent Lead Flow 2. Build a team 3. Scale my business to $50M AUM For fun, I like to: 1. Surf - anywhere warm, but I do a lot of surfing in New England during the winter. 2. BJJ 3. Spending time with my family.
Mark Ford
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My Intro
#1. Vision Member introduction template Hi, my name is Steve Matson, I’m from Zanesville, OH and my company is Matson Retirement Planning. We’re in the Financial Services niche. I want to get these things from Vanguards: 1. New Business Growth in AUM 2. Develop a more streamlined marketing system in house 3. Using this increased growth to facilitate an easy transition for a succession plan For fun, I like to: 1. Spend time with my three young grandkids 2. Go fishing in my backyard pond with my wife on a nice evening 3. Travel to new places; we enjoy the mountains of Tennessee, historical locations, & beaches.
Matt Zahorec
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My intro
#1. Vision Hi, I'm Mitchell Miranda in Ottawa, Ontario. I've been in the industry in various roles over the last decade. I'm now a financial consultant under the IG Wealth umbrella and looking to grow my business
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