What's working right now in marketing for FA's

This is an amazing time to be an advisor/firm leader focused on growth because there are so many ways to get new clients these days.

Here is where we see advisors and firms winning:

  1. In-person seminars (yes, they still work...this used to be the only way to get clients on-demand but they aren't anymore...lots more options now)
  2. LinkedIn DM's
  3. Paid ad funnels
  4. SEO and a good content strategy
  5. Email marketing
  6. Buying leads
  7. Social media marketing (organic)
  8. Referrals and center of influence marketing

All of these work off of one simple core principle...offer something of value to a target market, allow that market to self-identify/self-select into the offer. Then offer more help if they want it.

Big idea. Give away the information, have folks pay for the implementation. - This works surprisingly well, regardless of tactic.

If you are wanting more help than just information...hit me up in chat or in the comments...

I'd be happy to lay out a marketing and growth plan for ya...1-1...No cost.


Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.

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