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🔔🔔🔔 Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Powerful Appointment Machine...In 14 Days

For the last 5 years, hundreds of clients have grown their revenue using a simple LinkedIn framework I have taught directly.

Not to brag, well maybe a little…but I've even trained some of the coaches teaching this stuff too.

Anyways…This has been responsible for adding ON AVERAGE…between $5-10 Mil in AUM per year to our client’s businesses by producing 5-10 quality appointments per month.

That’s pretty good because once it’s running…there is almost ZERO cost to keep it going.

Over the next 5 years…that’s $25-$50M to your book…so for most people adding a recurring revenue stream of $250K-$500K/year is worth the time and investment.

If you were to sell your book one day…at the current rates…that’s a cool million or more to your retirement.

Here is the problem…

Not everyone who has gone through my training succeeds…

The typical coaching response is “They didn't do the work”…

While that may be true in some cases…in other cases, they did do the work but the skill transfer didn't happen.

My goal is 100% success rates…while that’s not possible, we can certainly move far closer to 100% by solving the gaps in the coaching process.

Shifting gears...I like cars…always have…EVs are cool but they have a fatal flaw (based on current technology)...

RANGE...They only take you so far before you are forced into taking a siesta and plugging in..

The coaching-only model has a similar problem…

It can only take you so far...

Coaching doesn't solve the problem for everyone…so a hybrid solution is needed.

After analysis of the folks who have excelled, the folks who have done well, and those who didn't get anything…I have identified the three core problems to getting results.

The people who didn't succeed using this training were not able to overcome a few obstacles.

Obstacle #1: Profile Copywriting & Design

Obstacle #2: Messaging & Consistency

Obstacle #3: Offers

To help make sure clients and future clients get the results…I am going to remove these obstacles for people who want help boosting their appointment volume, closing new business, and getting a FAST ROI without having to become a master copywriter and marketer.

If that is you…I might have an open spot to help ya.

I might… because it’s by application only and we only have six spots per month.

If accepted, this is what we will accomplish together over the next 14 days....following that we will provide 60 days of 1-1 and group support to dial everything in with is the scope.

1: Develop your niche market from the 100s of profitable niche markets we have identified in financial services.

2: Create your offer where you get paid upfront for your work…Just last month, one of our clients made $25K in upfront fees off of Linkedin prospects (before moving assets) in about 30 days… there are so many other examples of this from past Q&A calls but here is the one I just mentioned: Click to Watch the Q&A $25K in 30 Days


3: Turn your LinkedIn profile into a sales funnel where we will customize the copy on your profile page and turn it into a lead magnet that is 100% compliant and 100% unique. It will be written by the highest converting copywriter in the financial services industry and designed to generate leads and opportunities for you while you sleep.

4: Building your profile banner…it'll look like a professional graphic designer did it because we use professional graphic designers to do it.

5. Create your outreach strategy and messaging sequence. We will create your outbound messaging and then work with you to test it and optimize it so you get good-quality appointments with people you want to work with. The same copywriter who writes your profile will work with you to do this.

6. Once we have your messaging dialed in…we will help you to automate it through software OR, by helping you to hire someone to run it for you. We only offer this through this platinum offer…we don’t do training on this because most people are not responsible enough to not spam people.

7. Increase your results by becoming an elite content marketer with content you don’t have to produce…this is totally optional but available to clients who want to increase their results…there is an additional monthly fee for this because we make content for you.

8. Use our AI appointment booking system to follow up with your prospects automatically so you never miss an opportunity and get out of the busy work of following up with people…let our software do that for you. There is an additional monthly fee for this software which includes the content production from #7 above…it’s $299/month, and it’s called

9. LinkedIn Insiders Group, after 60 days of working together and dialing everything in with you. You will have an opportunity to join our LinkedIn insiders group. This includes insider-only training, sales strategies, copy support, ongoing messaging help, niche expansion, and exclusive Live Event invitations.

10. RESULTS…The key to getting results FAST is through our testing framework where we will develop and test your messaging to prospects. We create the messages and hooks and then split-test them with you to see which ones generate the best results…this is a data-driven process…it’s not guesswork.

Want some help?

You can obviously go through the training and DIY this…many have and do.

Want help going faster?

That is who this offer is for, it's for people who value professionals who can help you compress time and get to the results faster.

This engagement is a combination of 1-1 work and group collaboration.

All of the creative elements and copy will be completed within 14 days from your 1-1 onboarding. If compliance delays the process more than is reasonable…obviously the 14-day window might get pushed slightly…even with compliance delays, this doesn't take us longer than 30 days to be LIVE.

Click here to apply…

Applications to launch next month are due by the 15th of this month. If your application is received by the 16th or later…You will be first in line for the month after next...This is a rolling offer so it's available for as long as this post is up.

You will receive a response to your application within 5 days. You will then have 3 days to complete payment to secure your spot. Upon completion of payment, you will be contacted to schedule your 1-1 onboarding call with our team to get started.

Click here to apply...

Have questions? Please apply first, you will have an opportunity to get all your questions answered before moving forward…But if you need something clarified before applying, just DM me on here or in the post.


Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.

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