Shhhh...The Secret This Advisor is Using To Bring In $5M/Quarter...🤐

Just spoke with one of our agency clients running our virtual Trust Stacking appointment system...

He casually shared he has brought in about $5M since getting started a few months ago...That's pretty good.

He is on track to add $20M+ per year...I think they can do about $30M-$40M/year with the current team...It's just 1 advisor and someone helping with back-office stuff.

Some feedback I noticed was he could optimize his sales process a little more...but it's not broken, just not optimized yet...I believe a couple of small adjustments in sales process will drive the additional opportunity...nothing more.

Also has someone with $24M who wants his help so that will skew the numbers if he takes it on.

Anyway...just thought it was cool and worth you can are very unlikely to hear these stories directly from our clients...because...they like to keep some anonymity and keep what is working from the prying copy-cat eyes of this industry.

As one of my clients once said about our work...we are one of the best-kept growth secrets in the wealth management industry (they added $100M in 18 months from our work)...

AND we still are THAT "secret" for the few who allow us to tweak their businesses for maximum velocity and profit without scaling the amount of time they have to spend working on their business.

If you would like to see about getting this type of help...

shoot me an email:


Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.

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