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Check this out:

In the 2022 Report by Michael Kitces titled How Financial Planners Actually Market Their Services…

The research concluded:

“The most efficient marketing tactics are not always the most popular… Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for example, ranked first of all tactics in terms of the highest return in new client revenue versus the cost to implement, yet SEO was deployed by just 29% of practices. Drip marketing, the second-most efficient tactic, was used by only 20% of practices.”

THAT MEANS that it beats referrals, networking, seminars, and centers of influence.

The opportunity is wide open too…

29% of firms use SEO and it has the highest ROI out of any client acquisition activity.

20% of firms use drip marketing and it has the second-highest ROI of any client acquisition activity.


For now…let’s talk SEO.

I am not going to talk technically about SEO…

I am not going to talk about meta tags, hrefs, backlinks, long tail keywords, keyword density or any of that stuff.

I recently received an article from a well-known startup platform in the fintech space that was 3,000+ words and read like an “SEO How-To Guide” for web developers.

The problem? There are 2 big ones.

☝️It was sent to, and intended for financial advisors, planners, and firm leaders.

Here is what I know…

Most people spend far too much time chasing down shiny objects, trying to figure them out…

It will take you too long, and cost you too much to figure out.

✌️When Google changes it's algorithm, it will be back to the drawing board if you DIY it. This is inevitable, Google has had 15 major core updates over the last 11 years, and several thousand minor updates yearly.

Key takeaway, DO NOT DIY your SEO, unless you are an SEO specialist.

You might say the same thing to the DIY Retirees out there…Same idea.

To make SEO work for your firm and increase your traffic, leads, appointments, and new clients in your local market without you doing anything.

These are the 5 things you need to know.

  1. Don’t DIY It (you won’t stand a chance…seriously don’t)
  2. Content marketing is not an SEO strategy, x number of blog posts or videos or whatever is not a solution.
  3. If you don’t rank in the top 3 local search results, you don’t exist as far as Google search is concerned.
  4. SEO is a long-term investment, don’t start if you don’t plan or want to dominate the market for the long term.
  5. There is a BIG ROI behind it.

Our strategy consists of Technical, Organic, and Local SEO, plus content marketing and marketing automation.

There are many agencies that offer these services, but no one does them like we do.

Most agencies say that they offer SEO, but they really don’t know the true ins and outs of the skill.

Keeping up with what Google wants is more than a full-time job and very few people put in the proper effort. They do just enough to be able to sell you “SEO”.

If you would like help and want to dominate your market…generate more leads, and appointments with a real SEO strategy…visit this page for the case study and how we do it: https://links.castorabbott.com/seo-for-financial-services

Markets are on a first come first serve basis and we only take one client per market...

This IS an exclusive offer.

If you would like some help developing an SEO action plan so you can increase your local lead flow without doing anything.

We help our clients with an end-to-end client acquisition strategy that has been proven to win new business consistently using SEO without you having to do all or any of the work.

EXCLUSIVE - ONLY ONE firm/Advisor per market.

Click below for the case study and an opportunity to speak with one of our campaign specialists.


Pricing is $3,250/month/market

We have clients that are purchasing more than one market at a time.

We have PE firms using our SEO to increase the equity value of the firms they have acquired...

This should tell you something...Want to increase the value of your business?

Am I selling this hard? YES, because it will help you and the ROI is strong. It's backed by lots of research and case studies!

Got questions?...Just post them below.


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