"It's Toasted": Lessons from 6 and 7 figure Campaigns

Want to avoid sounding like every other advisor or firm?

Start here: What special ingredient delivers the outcome your clients want?

Marketers call that your “unique mechanism.”

If you can’t articulate your “unique mechanism,” you won’t get new clients online—no matter how good you are.

There is an attached worksheet below that gives you some examples...

A unique mechanism is what gives your prospects hope that this time, with your offer, things will be different for them—even if other things they’ve tried let them down.

It gives them a reason to believe.

So…what’s different about your approach?

If you actually do something rare—like investing in clamshell futures—by all means highlight it.

But for most of you, a unique mechanism means putting a new spin on something a lot of other advisors are doing.

Here are two current examples from clients who we built campaigns for and developed their unique mechanisms for them:

—Client 1 uses direct indexing with his clients.

This isn’t a well-known strategy so it was an easy win — an immediate differentiator and we crafted a compelling funnel around it. It's getting $1M+ appointments for $100-$200 depending on the week.

After all, who wouldn’t want to take the S&P 500, then make it better?

—Client 2 doesn’t do anything fancy or “unique.”

They are just good at their job and have a well-defined target niche.

The unique mechanism we came up with for them?

❌ Retirement plan —> ✅Income plan

As in, “You don’t need a retirement plan. You need an income plan.”

If you rolled your eyes at that one, GOOD.

Their funnel is absolutely killing it right now.

“Unique mechanisms” don’t have to be ground-breaking or uncommon.

They just have to give prospects a new lens to look at what you do.

But it’s easier said than done.

Even I will admit:

Identifying and articulating a compelling unique mechanism is one of the most challenging marketing tasks for advisors/firms AND professional marketers in this highly regulated industry.

If you want some help there are two ways we can do that...

  1. Dive deep into the training and do the deep work...You might need to work on developing a key differentiator...You might already have one.

👉 Have us create your "It's Toasted" message....DM me if you would like this kind of help.

Watch the video to see a great example of a unique mechanism.

We have campaigns that generate $10M, $30M, even $100M+ per year and they all have a unique mechanism...the most difficult task is finding it in the sea of sameness most firms and advisors operate in....

But there is always a unique mechanism...it's just hidden from view...you have to search for it to find It.

This is not just for ad campaigns...this works powerfully on LinkedIn direct outreach too.

As a resource for you...I created a document (attached) that shows you how a unique mechanism fits into a campaign.

The campaign type determines how it is used and where it is communicated...in the sample doc this focuses on ads. In direct outreach the mechanism is teased in the messaging.



Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.

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