Intro: Josh Olfert, CFP
Hi, I'm Josh Olfert. I'm from Canada. I run an independent wealth firm called Haven (or Haven Wealth Management Ltd.). I started in the business 7 years ago at 19 and found most of my success through online content creation.
3 things that would make Vanguards a huge win for me:
1) Better define my target niche
2) Market and deliver an irresistible offer that *I enjoy* for that niche.
3) Drive traffic through a system optimized to ascend prospects through my value ladder (hierarchy of potential services).
All of this to create the income I want, with the freedom of time I want, doing work that I love while providing massive value to the right people. Big ask!
For fun I love to Golf ("addiction" would be more accurate), fall down obsessive rabbit holes of developing whatever skill is currently piquing my interest, fitness and travelling. I've also always been an exotic car fanatic.
Here's a picture of my workspace:
Josh Olfert
Intro: Josh Olfert, CFP
Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.
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