How to win tons of clients without being the best

Want to win without having to be the best 100% of the time?

Want to win without having to be a slave to the social media feed?

Most advisors and business owners I know try to differentiate themselves by talking about how they are “better than” their competition or by becoming content slaves.

Here are some examples:

— “I’m a fiduciary…my competitors aren’t.” (RIAs love this one)

— “I’m a fee-only competitors sell products on commission.”

— “I offer personalized planning…my competitors plug you into an algorithm.”

The problem with “better than” marketing is that it's an arms race.

You’ll run out of time, money, and energy trying to stay ahead.

Consider this:

👉 According to Kitces Research, 35% of advisors produced financial plans with at least 13 topics in 2020.

👉 By 2022, that number had risen to 54%

BUT... Those advisors reported LOWER 😬 take-home incomes than advisors producing less comprehensive plans.

That’s the trap 🪤 of “better than” marketing. You must constantly do more just to keep up, and it usually doesn’t pay off.

Solution: Talk about why you’re different, not why you’re better.

It works because it’s about positioning, not production.

Examples of “different” marketing:

— “I help doctors, lawyers, and other high-income service professionals place 30% of their portfolio in alternative investments so they can...”

— “I help small business owners uncover tax savings they’ve been missing…here’s how.”

— “I believe direct indexing is the best way to improve investment returns while managing risk…here’s why.”

With “different” marketing, you typically talk about 3 things:

  1. Who you help (focusing on certain niches)
  2. Specific problems you solve (the more relatable to your ideal client, the better)
  3. Your process for solving them (bonus points if it’s different or unusual)

If you want to see just how effective this is in terms of $$$, take a look at these funnel results I posted last week.

Or look at the ones from new data pulled over the last 7 days of this posting...(SEE IMAGE)

These are not leads either...They are qualified on-the-calendar appointments with our clients...

Some have called this the "holy grail" in marketing...but we're still not perfect.

We've spent a long time honing our craft and we keep getting better, one of the campaigns below went through 3 iterations before it started kicking is now the best-performing campaign we have.

👉The bottom line is this: If you want to stand out, talk about how you’re different.👈

🔥Your ideal client will create their own story about why that makes you better.🔥

P.S. If you want in-depth examples of how to deploy “different” marketing, take a look at Weeks 1 and 2 to DIY it...

If you want a customized call-booking funnel without the DIY, send me a chat message....We will use one of my 4 proven playbooks... These don't require you to be better than everyone, they don't require you to be special, they don't require you to do more. We know how to position you as different which generates consistent results over long periods of time.

P.P.S. Why do I keep hearing about the declining profitability of buying leads from the big lead providers? This post explains it. 👆 - Lead sellers create ZERO differentiation for the people they sell leads too...AND in marketing and new biz generation...Sameness = Lameness.


Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.

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