How Good Advisors and Firms Can Get Extraordinary Growth In 2024...

Let’s look at some numbers...

According to a 2022 study by Cerulli Associates...

The average financial advisor brings in $1.9 million in new AUM per year. Lower than what most people think.

So…to get to $100M in assets…we are talking 52 years.

Also from the study:

“The top 25% of advisors bring in more than $5.2 million in new AUM per year.

"The bottom 25% of advisors bring in less than $600,000 in new AUM per year.”

So...the top 25% will get to $100M in about 19 years.

Having worked with over 1,300 advisors and firms worldwide…

I have witnessed clients go from $10M to $120M in a little over a year.

And a few more:

$5M to $110M in 3 years

$30M to $50M in 1 year.

$100M to $200M in 2 years.

$15M to $75M in 1 year.

And some that quietly add $20M per year after year…and still have plenty of time with their families.

Our biggest clients do a lot more than that.


When I jump on calls with people and they ask how we are "different" from all the other options in the industry…

I simply point to my client’s ADV which spells it out in black and white.

If you're the kind of person who's not content with average...

This is something that I've noticed.

There are lots of ABOVE-average skill advisors and firms that are AVERAGE or below in new client acquisition.

Here are some other observations:

If you are buying leads, this often produces average results…even if they are guaranteed, average is still average.

I Spoke with an advisor the other day who brought in $7M in AUM over the course of 3 years…

let’s break that down and see where it lands on the scales.

$7M / 3years = $2.33M/year…Average+.

Here is where it stings a lil bit…they spent $72K to do that…that’s a bit more than $10K per $1M AUM acquired.

AND…it’s going to take 42 years to get to $100M.

Or another advisor who spent $25K and brought in $5M in 3 months…using one of my Trust Stacking Systems.

That’s $5K/$1M AUM gathered…About average for cost of acquisition but far above when factoring time frame…

It puts them on pace to add $20M new AUM per year which puts this advisor in an elite group in the industry.

This pace puts them at adding $100M every 5 years as a solo advisor.

The average financial advisor does $1.9M/New AUM per year...

Average standards...

Standards have a lot to do with outcomes...RAISE THEM!

If you already have high standards...raise your benchmarks.

I have the capacity for 2 more clients this year where we will build your entire Trust Stacking system end-to-end and run it for you...which puts my A-Team to work for you to help you beat your previous benchmarks.

Text me if you would like to explore one of these spots: 904-585-2234


Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.

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