"$9K Upfront + $5M AUM in 30 days"

This was just from one client running a VSL along with our Apollos follow-up system...have a bunch more campaigns putting qualified prospects on the calendar for advisors:

A few more results:

Client A: 6 Strategy Calls for $387 TOTAL in the past 7 days - $65 per call

Client B: 16 Strategy Calls for $1,692 Total in the past 14 days - $105 per call

Client C: 4 Strategy Calls for $689 in the past 7 days - $172 per call

Client D: Cancelled our monthly check-in and asked that we not touch the campaigns because the results were on 🔥...actually was double booked with a prospect during our check-in.

The average AUM for each prospect across all of these clients is $1.8M

Thank you for allowing my team to help you with this stuff...

We have 2 spots left where we do it all...after that, we will be at capacity for the foreseeable future..

If interested in a campaign that books qualified appointments on your calendar with the clients you want to work with...

DM me...


Maximize profits, get better clients, and have fun building a business you love.

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