Becoming Untriggered Mother
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MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM: Become Untriggered Mother

Imagine having a wise guide in your corner who can help you resolve any issues you run into,

as you learn fundamental parenting principles!


· NO YELLING MOTHER - 28 days program with proven no-yelling tools (value $194)

· RAISING TRIGGER-AWARE KIDS - a unique tool to help kids understand their triggers and manage them with more confidence (value $997)

· NURTURING FUTURE CREATORS - each month, a new storytelling mediation to foster calm, patience, inner strength, positivity, and confidence in kids (value $369)

· L.O.V.E. SYSTEM - a helpful tool for more effective and balanced communication (value $139)

· + bonus: MONTHY WORKSHOPS to help you be calm and patient by creating a loving home

TOTAL VALUE: $ 1,690

Manage those triggers and be the Mother you needed as a child.

Unlock your patience and raise resilient, emotionally mature, confident, and calm kids.

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