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A Brotherhood To Upgrade Mankind's Athletic Future.
#1 The Brotherhood - MASTERMIND
Never be alone again on the path to an Uncommon Life.
Join an active world-wide network of over 300 men.
Over 10,000 masterminding calls logged.
Connect on group and 1-1 calls.
LIVE in person local and international events.
#2 Pro Athlete Body - ATHLETIC
Look, Feel & Perform like a Pro Athlete.
Building the 5 Capacities of SKILL, SPEED, STAMINA, STRENGTH & STRETCH.
Use the TRAINING APP to get it done in under an hour by learning our uniquely efficient methods.
Join the LEADERBOARDS and track your progress.
Complete the COURSES to understand the WHY.
#3 Freedom Business - RICHER
Create effective contnet & get your value to the world.
Build & sell high-ticket offers.
Learn from Keegan's serial millionaire mentor.
#4 New Awareness & Knowledge - SMARTER
Study yourself & psychology like you never have before.
Learn to learn languages, music & study better.
A proven solution for building & connecting better men.
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Uncommon Brotherhood | PRO
Guiding men to freedom by developing & monetising their 9 capacities with proven methods.
#1 Magical Athletes.
#2 Infinite Mission.
#3 Joyful Genius.
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