Ultra Hybrid Athletes
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If you’re reading this, you want to achieve two things:
  • Run an ultra marathon
  • Bench press over 225 pounds
And you want to do it soon.
If that sounds like you, you’re in luck!
By joining this group I will give the program that rapidly develops your strength and endurance without making you sore or spending all day in the gym.
(In fact, most of my clients train less than 10 hours per week!)
I use a unique training method that optimizes your nervous system, making heavy weights feel light and running enjoyable.
Why trust me? Look at slide number 3 to see a few of my accomplishments:
I know what it takes to push beyond boundaries, and I want to help you do the same.
If you’re a hard worker, don’t skip workouts, and are committed to personal excellence…
I will help you run an ultra marathon and bench press over 225 pounds in under 6 months.
If you’re serious about transforming your fitness journey, click the button to the right
See you on the inside 💪
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Ultra Hybrid Athletes
Learn how to run an ultra marathon & bench press 225+ in 6 months or less.
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