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The world is getting more and more fragile.
Technology dependence, mass urbanization, & increasing government control. It’s inevitable that future disasters will be both bigger and longer.
All it takes is about 3 days without food for these places to deteriorate into hell on earth.
I’m talking anarchy, riots, chaos, theft, murder… and more.
Because society’s moral compass gets tossed out the window when you’re starving and frightened.
Well, what do you think people will do after 3 days without food…
Or worse, 3 days of no food for their kids!
If you agree at how fragile the power, water, gasoline, and food chain systems are , you’ll need more than just a rock-solid preparedness foundation …
You’ll also need to build your tower walls, to baton down the hatches.
You must learn how to defend what’s yours, grow and collect your critical supplies, diversify your money, and create coalitions and backup plans.
And that’s why I built this product called The Resilient Life.
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The Resilient Life
Private group
A community that believes RESILIENCE is the key to a well-lived life.
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