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This is a dedicated space for Business Transformation Professionals and those aspiring to become one. We provide a secure and private environment for connecting with peers.
Members include world-class transformation experts from companies like Apple, EY, Oracle, KPMG, Roche, U.S. Bank, Ted Baker, Dell, Citi, and more, who discuss business transformation topics.
Experienced professionals in the field offer their wisdom by assisting fellow members, while those actively learning pursue fresh insights, advice, and direction.
Join if you'd like to:
✅ Discuss all things business transformation and climb the leaderboard
✅ Have fun with gamification and unlock free transformation courses
✅ Talk about business transformation careers and how to build a lucrative one
✅ Share business transformation insights, experiences, and resources
✅ Connect with other business transformation professionals from around the world
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We opened January 2024 for managers, leaders and consultants who are shaping tomorrow's organisations and want more impact on business transformation.
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