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Welcome to Top G University
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Mindset + 1 on 1 application:
What's included?
  1. Top G private discord
  2. How to Train in Season + BONUS OFF SEASON course: $1999 ✅
  3. D1 nutrition course $1999 ✅
  4. D1 Stick Handling course $999 ✅
  5. D1 Shooting course $999 ✅
  6. D1 Skating course $999 ✅
  7. D1NEXT MSCN Off Ice Training Course $1899 ✅
  8. D1 Recovery $899 ✅
  9. Parent module to educate parents on your journey to D1 level. $500 ✅
+ more to come
Total Value: $10,299 ✅
Access for $99/m
🏛️ Community:
  1. Bunch of Dogs who want to get better and share the same values and goals.
  2. Accountability program.
  3. Access to mentorship from current D1 Hockey players! = PRICELESS
  4. Find your path to the D1 level.
🎤 Calls:
  1. Member zoom calls WEEKLY SUNDAYS 5 pM EST, w/ nahl, bchl, ushl, prep, d1 guys, aa and aaa.
Once you join, you will have the ability to set up a 1 on1 client call!
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TopG Hockey University
Top G Hockey University is an electric community where members get access to other D1 players and the proven D1NEXT method to reach the D1 level.
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