Why procrastination isn’t your problem
I speak to many people who believe that procrastination is blocking them from achieving success in their business or personal arenas of life.
And when I ask them why they’re procrastinating they say:
“I can’t seem to find the motivation”
“I don’t have the time”
But they often don’t realize that these are only surface level excuses covering up the root of their problem.
Procrastination is not the ROOT it’s a SYMPTOM.
If you take care of a symptom without addressing the root then the pattern persists.
The reality is that all procrastination is rooted in FEAR.
Let’s take starting a business as an example…
The question to ask is:
What are you scared of as a result of taking action?
Because if you truly believed that we’re good enough to create a successful business then why wouldn’t you take action?
If you truly believed that there’s no such thing as failure than why wouldn't you take action?
If you truly believed that you could handle being successful then why wouldn’t you take action?
The reason why you’re procrastinating is because you fear what would happen if you took action.
Fear of not being capable…
Fear of failing…
Fear of not having capacity…
Fear of success…
The more that you procrastinate the more that you feed energy into the reality of these fears being true.
When you release the internal resistance (fear) that you feel to taking action then you have no reason but to take action.
The reason why our clients experience profound shifts in confidence, productivity and success in their business and personal lives is because they release their procrastination at the root.
This is where you can step fully into your greatness with no limitation.
If you don’t already know me - my name is Jared and I’m a Coach and Healer with Gavin Speaks. Feel free to reach out if have any questions.
With love,
Jared 🙏🏾
Jared Dunlop
Why procrastination isn’t your problem
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