What is preventing you from going ALL IN on your dreams?
Listen, if you are serious about creating wealth, abundance, and freedom in your life or business, you must be willing to face the truth within yourself.
There's a part of you that's deeply scared of stepping into the reality that you want in your heart.
You're scared of getting rejected, experiencing failure, and fully committing yourself to your dreams.
You're scared of what you'll lose and what you'll have to sacrifice.
Your ego has created a long list of negative consequences that come with going ALL IN that's causing you to have one foot in the door and one foot out.
If you are not 100% committed to creating your destiny, your ego will always sabotage your plans for you.
Your ego will tell you I can't do this and I can't do that and if you listen to these stories you'll create circumstances in your life that keep you from realizing your dreams.
Your WHY for creating your dream must overpower your ego's resistance to changing.
You must become 100% committed no matter what.
You must transcend all perceived lack and limitation in your life and step into the limitless nature of who you truly are.
This is an energy that's connected to your higher potential. Nothing can stop you from this place.
It doesn't mean that you don't experience fear. It means that you take inspired action anyways because you know what you're truly made of.
Are you willing to stop holding yourself back and face your fears full on? Are you willing to give all your heart to your dream or purpose like there's no tomorrow?
If you are truly willing, magic is waiting for you on the other side.
With love,
Jared Dunlop
What is preventing you from going ALL IN on your dreams?
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