My name is Elizabeth Joann.

I had denounced my second name for a while. I’ve recently found cause to be known wholly.

My manifestations include self trust. I love myself with limits. I don’t feel I’m accomplishing enough. That I am sufficient. These short feelings come as I singularly parent.

Another manifestation is generational wealth. I’m learning of ways to make it possible and get it and see growth within the next two years. My self trust manifestation is listed first because I feel I will need a bit more confidence in order to keep moving as obstacles are part of life’s success

Third after being truly confident and encamped in self. After being able to provide for my children and the family extensions to come, my manifestation is the development, continued growth, stability, and security of my four children. That I may be loving , open minded, whole hearted and wise enough to guide them freely through this lifetime. That they may maximize the characteristics they have today and not be limited or controlled by fear, discouragement or any other forms of hinderance.

Thanks for reading!


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