I am a single mom of 4, I am a business owner.
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Joined Feb 23, 2023
Choose Charge Collect Manifestations
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Exploring life outta my çomfort zone¡
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I am that I am 💜
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Spiritual being loving this human experience 💕
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Fort Myers, FL, USA
I’m a medical person, interested in helping people feel better and live better.
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Learning and growing to become the best version of myself. Help and assist others in their healing process.
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Queens, New York
Learning how to Manifest Health, and Monetary Wealth in Abundance. Specifically thru the Forex Trading Space
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I am a very curious person, who loves to learn. Singing is my passion and I am Happy to be here.
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I have lots of free time and I want to manifest my diamond dream life, show others how, and co-create Godly world change.
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Psychology student. Learning about mental health. Supporting and inspiring others as me to overcome life’s challenges.
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Entrepreneur, aspiring novelist and screenwriter, mother of one. Happy and on my way to fantastic success
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I work as clerk for a law enforcement agency in the Dallas area. Im interested in doing home based business of helping ufo experiencers/abductees heal
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Dallas, Texas
Voice over artist
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Love learning. Here to grow.
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I'm an artist & I love to make music
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Kaya's mama - Artist - Alchemist - Coach - Intuitive - Clairaudient - INFJ/A - Omo Esu - HD Manifestor - Taurus Sun - Virgo Moon - Aquarius Rising
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Brooklyn, NY
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Entrepreneur Our Minds create the Abyss our Hearts cross over it x
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United Kingdom
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Scottsdale, Arizona
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Here to Learn and Grow
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I work at Wal-Mart. My interests are a prosperous life filled with love and financial stability for me and my two girls and to be able to help others.
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I am a Mother of one Daughter, a Grandma of a 5 year old Grandson. I Research Truth, a Digital Warrior Journalist. An Advocate for Human Trafficking.
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Exploring coming out of my comfort zone
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Multi tasker
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I am at the moment a employee at UPS, but I am interested within financial freedom,love,health,philosophical 📚, optimism,intellectual conversation😁
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Joined Feb 25, 2023
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