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Let’s see…currently by trade, I practice and teach interior design from a Biblical perspective.
Historically, I thought I was born to sing. After high school, I gave myself six months to pursue my dreams. In that time, I sang on FoX News, National them for the Railcats, sang in the Hardrock cafe in Chicago for the Nashville Star, auditioned for IN Star. I was the 3rd runner up for the Walter E Smith jingle and a round two American Idol reject. That was the end of the road for me. I prayed on my way out and heard God say “their hope is in something else, your hope is in Me.” With vocal coaches and auditions I often heard “you’re too squeaky clean you should be a Christian songwriter. Never knew that was a thing. I wanted to be the next Celine or Shania! 😆 so I put the dream away. Joined the church choir and praise team for 17 years. Then in 2020 God tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was ready to talk about music with Him. 😳 he put a guitar in my hand. I took an online challenge and WON & got the travel guitar I have now. And He whispered to lead a generation in the worship of Spirit and truth. I started with my own family. And it’s been beautiful raising them up in music. For a little while I lead the church kids choir. But mostly enjoyed sitting in the floor playing worship and praying over the sensory room kids. Recently, I left my church of 26 years and now I no longer use my voice outside of private worship in my home.
I’m not chasing things anymore…just enjoying time with the Lord so He is all I want above all else—and she He want me to finish books and grow design and lead worship it’ll happen. I’m in a weird season of stillness right now but I love every minute with the Lord. And worship Him most everyday vocals:guitar—and worship him through study prayer daily. I could have summarized this with “BA has a complicated relationship with music.” 😆
Nice to meet you!
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