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Let’s go into the markets together live with 6-figure traders & hang out in a community - all free.
  • Get a live trading session every single week with a 6-figure trader.
  • This includes both Forex trading and stock trading instructors.
  • You can pick out trades together, ask questions, and learn a profitable trading strategy.
  • Access to a community of traders. Hang out, ask questions, and make friends.
  • And a lot more.
Above all, this is a safe space for traders. We only accept a small portion of those who apply to join. Here's why:
#1. The community is free, and so we need to protect our members against possible scammers.
#2. We want authentic people who don’t hide behind anonymity. We believe it’s a problem online when people hide who they are. That’s why we require real photos and real bios.
#3. We want to attract the right people with the right values. This is how we all become successful.
This is why we're the best free Forex trading and stock trading community online.
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Private group
The home of genuine trading education, sister community to The Trading Academy.
Any promotion is banned and should be reported to admin.
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