The Green Pill Project
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$15 /month
This community will be the turning point in your self development
Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or disconnected?
No more searching for the right resources or mentors to guide you on your personal development & Islamic journey.
Imagine yourself achieving self-development and business success with expert advice.
Not only that but deepening your understanding of the Quran and Arabic language.
What you will get inside:
✅ Monthly Group Calls from Experts: Learn from professionals in business, mental health, the Quran, Arab lessons, & physical health.(Normally $450)
✅ Motivation and Rewards: Stay motivated on your journey with progress rewards and the necessary tools.(Normally $140)
✅ Expert Tools & Mentors: Receive guidance to keep you firm on your path.(Normally $89)
Don't join this community if you don't want to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health.
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Prices are rising back up to $127 soon!
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Worlds #1 Muslim Mens Self Development Community. Our Mission is To Empower YOU To Excel in your Health & Religion
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