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My name's Omar.
I ran marketing for a $2B startup while I was in college. Now, I'm building Founders, Inc. -- a startup incubator + fund for emerging tech startups. In just two years we've spun out companies worth $100M+.
I created THE DOCK as a way to fast-track builders trying to build a real company on the internet.
Why? In the hopes that we can invest in the best companies + builders.
In the community:
  • Knowledge: See the exact growth playbooks we used to scale our companies
  • Relationships: Work alongside legit founders and creators (including live events and work sessions)
  • Accountability: Learn how to set the right goals and join our weekly call to hold yourself/others accountable
Click the yellow 'Join Group' button right now, we're all inside. See you in here.
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A fast-track for builders trying to get their first 100,000 users and make their first $100,000 in revenue.
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