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Hello! Welcome to The Sauna Society. The goal of this group is to help sauna builders make better saunas. Start by checking out The Ultimate Finnish Sauna Creation Course To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What kind of sauna are you building? See you in the comments!
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Please Advise
Hi there, My name yes Mumtaz from Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you so much for having me here. I'm just about to purchase a sauna. It's 1.2 meters x 1.8 meters x 2.1m meters. I've chosen Lunawood for the walls and Ceiling and American bass for the bench, backrest and floor. Ive attached the ventilation system below. The heater is a Harvia 7kw combi heater. Do you think that a combi is a good choice? What height do you think will be best for the single bench that I'll be having in the sauna? Just wondering if I'm on right track with my selections. Thank you so much for having an awesome platform like this.
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Bespoke Indoor Project
Greetings members, working on a new Sauna, inside unit with aesthetics and function holding similar emphasis. I can appreciate seeking Loyly in a true Finnish style system design as best as possible. // The Build: 7 x 6 x 8 Sauna in corner of room with 2 exposed sides to exercise area, Harvia Spirit SP80E heater with WIFI located in corner close to floor with 20” Granite slabs from floor to ceiling along L/R side of heater for water splash factor and beautification, Thermory Sauna Aspen STS4 or STP 1x4 wall boards, Klus design high temp LED (new item) light strip under bench, 3/8” Tempered Glass along front from 36” off floor to ceiling, ½” Tempered Glass Door on other wall, Mechanical venting using computer box fan (25 CFM) supply inlet above heater, exhaust at floor opposite wall and adjustable vent at ceiling both in chase of 2x4 stud framing (waterproofed). Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane on floor to capture moisture (on ¾” Advantech) and dry lay 24 x 48 textured tile (no bonding for removal to clean). What am I missing? Thanks in advance P Mack
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design option
hi all, I'm about to build a sauna and have these two layouts. the wall where the heater is will be a big window facing the woods. can anyone advise if the two different designs will affect the ventilation airflow?
Tile or wood flooring?
What kind of flooring do you have? Wood boards, tile, Cement? I’m thinking about installing tile in my kit sauna that comes with a cedar wood floor, also a floor drain.
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A community for sauna builders. When you're looking to build an authentic Finnish sauna, this is the place for all Löyly lovers to discuss that.
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