Manifesting Love Masterclass
Private group
61 members
The Mastery Circle Program is a comprehensive course designed by Criminal Profiler Terrance Findley, designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to recognize positive individuals and resist manipulation from deceivers.. Through a series of workshops, exercises, and coaching sessions, participants will learn how to identify manipulative behaviors, set boundaries, and cultivate healthy relationships based on trust and mutual respect.
Session 1: Understanding The Formula for Love
Session 2: Recognizing Manipulative Behaviors
Session 3: Setting Boundaries
Session 4: Communication Skills
Session 5: Healthy Relationships
Session 6: Conclusion and Lifetime Access
Program Benefits:
  • Develops critical thinking and discernment skills
  • Increases awareness of personal boundaries and self-worth
  • Enhances communication and relationship-building abilities
Join our Love Transformation & Manipulation Detox Program today and experience the power of healthy love!
Privacy and terms
Embark on our Love & Manipulation Awareness Program! This course combines love and dating with essential skills to recognize and resist manipulation.
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