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♥️ What Stops You Doing What You LOVE, Earning 1 Year’s Income Every Month? 💰
🎁 Easily align your gifts, ideas & expertise with God’s supernatural power to multiply income by a few simple changes!
· Finally fulfil Your purpose with a rewarding career doing what you love
· Design your career around lifestyle, without sacrificing godly values, health or family
· Experience being rich and righteous Rejoicing with God, blessing others (Psalm 112)
✨ The EPIC Life mission is to help each other BECOME Empowered People In Christ (EPIC) earning 1 year’s income every month doing what we love…
So instead of just reading about God’s promises of abundance we actually experience it.
🥰 Rejoicing in Relationship with Him
👑 Growing in Christlikeness & Power
Join Us 🙂
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The EPIC Life
Empowered People In Christ (EPIC) Do What You LOVE Earn 1 Year’s Income Every Month Converting God's Financial Abundance Promises Into Life Experience
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