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Toxic people are only toxic to you if you choose to be around them....
what are your thoughts on how to create boundaries and let go of those who intentionally hurt you, even when they say they joke. Walking away is the easiest path. It is not failure. Just a recognition that you do not want to expend any more energy. Of course if you really love them then you can explain graciously why you are walking away, though you don't need to. If you do this anticipate the reply and protect yourself from a possible barrage of unpleasantness. If you cannot protect yourself then walk away quietly and quickly. Have you done this with family, friends, jobs?
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Accountability is the first gateway to transformation, what is the second?
I am curious what do you think is the second key you have to find to unlock change. I was having this discussion this week about someone who cannot move past step 1 as much as they really want to. Do you even think that change is sequential? There are certainly hoops we have to jump through to evolve, let go and create a different journey, to find that personal freedom we all crave as humans. Here are a few options: 1. Changing Your Environment - physical, spiritual, emotional 2. Curiosity - the willingness to explore 3. Letting Go of fear, limiting beliefs, patterns 4. Slowing Down includes meditation / breathwork 5. Accepting only we can change ourselves. These are all parts of the process and there are many more. One of them is more foundational. Thoughts? (and I will explain it later)
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